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4.3 Uprising

Caught up with this one online.

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Episode 4 Let Me Stand Next to Your Fire

I watched this one live.

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So, I seem to have settled down to this season even though some of the things that irritated me are still around. I suppose that I like eye-rolling (as well as being invested in certain characters), for I didn't seriously contemplate watching SS-GB over this, although I might catch up with that yet.
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Caught up with Suits 6.13 Teeth. Nose. Teeth.

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And then there was a double-bill of B99 to watch.

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The continuity announcer said the show was on 'half term' - but I'm now confused as to whether that means a week off or more. After the last two weeks, I wish E4 had held back airing the season until it could air it in full uniterrupted.

All sorts

Feb. 13th, 2017 09:13 pm
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4.10 Read more... )

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By the by, The Lego Batman Movie is the Batman movie we need right now – it’s very, very funny.
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine 4.9 The Overmining

I only missed the one episode, as it turned out. Read more... )

But the trailer for the next episode of Agents of SHIELD just makes me want them to get all this out of their system soon.

I then caught up with Suits 6.12 The Painting

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On Thursday night, I fully intended to watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but I sat down to look at books online about twenty minutes before and when I checked the time next, it was six minutes past nine and, well, I'll catch up and write about it later.

Earlier in the week I did watch a whole episode of Suits (6.11) online, i.e. I went and looked for it because it airs at 10pm on a Sunday night, which is not a time I’m going to attempt to start to watch a show.

My previous association with Suits has been fragmentary, growing from a flurry of Harvey/Donna fics on my friends list or het_reccers. Oh yes, I'm so far down the fandom journey that I've read fic without consuming the canon properly - reading outlines or reviews, watching clips or vids will do to give me a grasp of things. Sometimes it turns into my watching the show/film properly. I did try to watch Suits, understood the concept (but the way it all revolved around Harvey and Mike, pretty though they are, didn't hook me and the lawyering didn't either. I grasped that Donna was awesome and enjoyed watching Gina Torres, but I don't think I watched a full episode. In the last one I saw, the music editor was really into the xx (which I understand) and Harvey was in a relationship with a single mother?

Anyway, a TV guide said something about spoilers for 6.11 )

In other news, Festivids went live more than several days ago and I have many new vids to watch.
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Am caught up with Brooklyn Nine-Nine after being unable to watch it live.

4.7 Mr. Santiago

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4.8 Skyfire Cycle

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Mixed news

Jan. 28th, 2017 10:05 am
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For the first time (as far as I know) a fic of mine has been translated! Exciting, yes? It's Family Business an Ondine ficlet I wrote in 2011, and it has been translated into Family Business家庭事务 by liangdeyu. I don't speak or read Chinese, but you may, and even if you don't - it's so cool.

FWIW, my 'stance' on translation is that I'd prefer it if people asked for permission. I'll probably say yes, and hope you did more than put it through machine translation, but want a link to the final product for gloating purposes. I'm not going to chase after anyone who does it without asking, unless if they don't refer to me in any way and pass the idea of the fic off as their own. After all, it's fanfiction, but it'd be nice to be asked, because it's not quite the same thing as not asking film makers' or whoever's permission to transform it.

Less good was learning that John Hurt has passed away. I feel a little shocked, irrationally, because I watched him in Jackie the other day, in which he played a priest she opens up to (very well, of course).


Jan. 26th, 2017 06:27 am
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I tried watching the National TeIevision Awards, but a lot of it made me cringe, so I channel hopped a great deal.

As for the Oscar nominations, my main take out is that it's great Arrival got so many, but not Best Actress for Adams? I'm not the only one who thinks this is wrong. Yes, I do have to caveat it by saying I haven't seen all the nominated performances, although I hope to see most of them - a decision made because I want to see the films or not. Of the two that I've seen, I have no problems with Stone and Streep getting nominated, and even if there's a little voice that thinks that a certain speech and a certain tweet made the latter a cert (though Stone's the favourite to win, right?) what Streep did to produce Florence Foster Jenkins's terrible singing was a technical tour de force.

But, Amy Adams was outstanding in Arrival - its heart and soul. It's not a showy part, but the character carries the film. I did wonder if having that and Nocturnal Animals (which I didn't see) out in the same awards season hurt her.
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Brooklyn Nine-Nine

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Basically both episodes led to a lot of loud laughing, so that was good.
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I went to see La La Land (like a lot of people over the weekend – I’ve heard loads of people who don’t regularly go to the cinema say they want to see it.)

Out of the cut: I loved it. It's really good and it you have a shred of love for musicals, you'll love it too. Watching 'Singin' in the Rain' before it really worked for me.

Reaction. )


Jan. 17th, 2017 07:59 am
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So, as I said in the last post, I'd just been watching and reading all murderers all the time, and then there was Brooklyn Nine-Nine (yes, last Thursday, at some point, posts will be closer to the time of media consumption).

Episodes 4.3 and 4.4

spoilers for both )
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Sherlock 4.2 The Lying Detective

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So, to recap, last weekend involved The Witness for the Prosecution, Career of Evil and Sherlock. I was craving a bit of lightness for balance.


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