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This is where you can quickly find the fanfiction that I have posted here, by fandom, and then alphabetically according to title. This index is a work in progress!

Agents of SHIELD

A time and a place PG. Melinda May/Phil Coulson. 403 words. Summary: Only Phil Coulson would belt out a spontaneous proposal in a life-threatening situation. (Written for the above prompt at comment_fic.) (July 2015)

Just a thought U. Bobbi Morse, Leo Fitz and Lance Hunter (Bobbi Morse/Lance Hunter). 162 words. Summary: "Don't touch the red button!". Written for the prompt: Any sci-fi, any, "Don't touch the red button!" at comment-fic. Set in early season 3. (July 2015)

Lost in You PG. Melinda May/Phil Coulson. 111 words. Written for the prompt 'Phil Coulson/Melinda May, lost in you' at the threesentenceficathon. (December 2016)

Perspective. Teen. Jemma Simmons. 164 words. Summary: Keep on keeping on. Written for the prompt ‘any, any female character, keep on keeping on’ at 3sentencefic. Spoilers for 3.05. (March/April 2016)


Doorways G. Pre Sweiss. Summary: Sydney steps through. (June 2004)

Harsh lights. Teen. Sydney/Sark. 5,387 words. S4 AU. Summary: A spy's life is full of signals, codes, tells, until you see messages everywhere. Sydney, Sark, a night in Prague. (January 2007)

Slippers G. Sydney/Weiss. 150 words. Summary: Slippers warm your feet, don’t they? Written for the first line meme. (October 2004)

Year 47 PG. Sydney/m. Angst/futurefic. 419 words. Summary: Rambaldi had known (April 2005)

Arthurian legend

Disappointments Universal. Guinevere (/Arthur ish). 133 words. Summary: They did have a child, a girl who is forgotten and dismissed simply because she was not a son. (December 2015).

The Autobiography of Jane Eyre

How Tea and Socks go together G. Jane/Rochester (or Tea/Socks). Anthropomorfic!AU. 226 words. Summary: Socks needs Tea, and Socks gives Tea something she never had before. (February 2014)


The Dark Knight Rises
Little Black Dress PG. Selina/Bruce. 250 words. (December 2012)

Coin toss PG. Bruce/Selina, For the prompt Any, any, toss a coin at the Three Sentence Fiction 2013 ficathon. 66 words. (April 2013)

Shelter Universal. Bruce Wayne, Alfred Pennyworth, Selina Kyle (Bruce Wayne/Selina Kyle). 570 words. Summary: Bruce and Selina, now and later, seeking shelter. (Spoilers for 1.13 Welcome Back, Jim Gordon.) (April 2015)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Glinda and the Big Bad PG. Spike/Tara. Season 6 AU. 653 words. Summary: Spike decides to walk Tara home. (August 2005)

Protection G. Giles. Drabble. Summary: All of the umbrellas in his coat-stand were broken and bent. Written for the first line meme. (October 2004)

Your sweetness is my weakness PG. Tara Maclay/Riley Finn. Early season 4. 654 words. Summary: Your sweetness is beyond cute (Written for the above prompt at comment_fic.) (December 2015)


Batman Begins/Smallville
Shadows PG. Chloe/Bruce. Drabble. (October 2009)

Dark Angel/Farscape
Count yourself lucky PG. John/Aeryn, Max/Alec friendly. Script format. 596 words. Summary: A conversation between fictional characters: John Crichton and Alec McDowell. (July 2005.)

Dark Angel/Smallville
Bad ideas G. Max Guevara, Lex Luthor. 416 words. Summary: Max tries to steal from one Lex Luthor (December 2005)

Harry Potter/The Lizzie Bennet Diaries
The Watch Out series. For the prompt Any, Any, Hogwarts AU at the Three Sentence Fiction ficathon 2013.
Watch Out, Hogwarts G, Bennet Sisters, (spoilers for Lydia’s first vlogs) gen (126 words) [March 2013]
Watch Out, Gryffindor G, Bennet Sisters, gen (60 words) [March 2013]
Watch Out, Kitty Bennet G, Kitty Bennet,??? gen (drabble) (March 2013)

Person of Interest/The Night Manager (TV)
Fancy Hotel. PG. Zoe Morgan/John Reese, Jonathan Pine. (405 words). Summary: Old habits might reassert themselves, but they’re off the clock. Written for a prompt at comment_fic. (March 2016)

Push/The Losers
Keeping Watch Cougar & Cassie. Drabble. (February 2012)

Dark Angel

A clear view PG. Alec, Max, Mole, Dalton (Max/Alec implied). 880 words. Summary: Alec rescues Dalton, Max is furious at how he did it and Terminal City gets entertained for free. (January 2006)

Adoption G. Alec, Max, the ‘Bag ‘Em’ unit. Missing scene for ‘Bag ‘Em’. 642 words. Summary: For that night, he pretended he was one of their unit. (March 2006 some editing April 2017).

And you will know me by the trail of my asskicking R. Max/Alec. 2,385 words. Summary: Alec is still haunted by Max. Bitch. [November 2005 (lightly edited August 2016.)]

Be Careful. . .Always PG-13. Max/Alec, Biggs/CeCe, The Curvaceous Killer/Monty Cora AU. Summary: Two phrases. Two speakers. Different universes. (July 2004)

Blue PG. Max, Alec, Mole and one other. Double drabble. Summary: She’s wearing blue. Written for the first line meme. (October 2004)

Cat's Eyes PG. Max/Alec. 200 words. Summary: Max is asked a question that she can answer with some authority. (August 2004)

Christmas Deliveries PG-13. Alec, Joshua, Mole, Lydecker. 2,426 words. Summary: Alec delivers something for Mole and then to Joshua. (February 2005)

Crack Commando Unit PG. Max, Alec, Mole, Joshua friendship. (M/A implied.) 1,519 words. Summary: Alec introduced Mole to the A-team. (And the other trannies too.) (July 2004)

Darker Games PG. Max/Alec implied. Summary: Alec makes Max talk about the effect being the leader of Terminal City has upon her. (March 2004)

Dislocated PG. Max/Alec. 300 words. Summary: Max, at the end of a day she was made for. A day she never wanted. (April 2005)

Giveaway PG. OC, Max, Alec. Max/Alec. Drabble. Summary: Why's Max blushing? (September 2005)

Hope G. Max/Logan angst. Summary: Max has to make a choice. (April 2004)

I'm Getting Married Later On This Morning PG. Max/Alec (Alec, Joshua, Normal friendship) Fluff. Summary: On the morning of Alec’s nuptials there was some panic and confusion... (May 2004)

Interviews with 'shippers PG. Max/Alec. Meta/humour. Summary: A series of interviews canvassing the opinions of Dark Angel characters about the Max/Alec 'ship. (April 2005)

Making up the Numbers PG. Max/Logan, Max/Alec. Summary: Max tries to tell Alec something she thinks he doesn’t know, but he’s having none of it. (November 2004)

Mileage may vary PG-13. Max/Ninja. Summary: Max Guevara – by the one who knows her best. (June 2004)

More than a little spun PG-13. Asha-centric. Het happens. Summary: to spin.
Definition: The act of spinning. A swift whirling motion. A state of mental confusion. (December 2004).

No Cat In The Manger, I PG. OC/Alec friendship. M/L, M/A implied. Summary: OC talks to Alec during Max and Logan’s wedding. (April 2004)

No friend to those with noses G. Joshua, Alec. Summary: A smelly cat is no friend to those with noses; Joshua has a snout. (December 2005.)

Not so sleeping beauty G. Max/Alec. Summary: OC comes to a realization. (April 2004)

Out in the cold PG-13. Post 'After the Dark'. Het. Summary: An X-5 female goes into heat and chooses an available alpha male. (April 2004)

Push-pull G. Summary: Of urgency after waiting, or rectifying denial. (April 2004)

Retrieval (Dark Angel) PG-13. Max/Alec, past Jondy/Alec. AU. Summary: Max didn't think; Alec is trying to protect himself. (December 2005)

Snow-wrought G. Joshua, Max, Mole. Summary: It's been snowing in Terminal City, Max asks Joshua to sculpt her something. (June 2005.) And its epilogue Still freeze capture Teen. Alec-centric, ensemble. Summary: Joshua hadn't thought that the likeness would haunt others. Originally written and posted in July 2005, revised June 2015.

Take you where you want to go Teen. Max/Alec, Max/Logan (both of sorts). Summary: “She’d told herself that she wouldn’t, however bad things got, she wouldn’t run back here again. He could return, look for memories, but she would bury them.” (First posted online as ‘Sordid’ in May 2005, revised a decade later.)

Two Pairs of Gloves PG. Max/Logan angst, implied Max/Alec. Summary: Logan sees something. (October 2004)

Unlike any other PG. Alec/OFC Summary: Alec knows exactly how to deploy the killer line. (August 2005)

Unknown PG. Max, Logan, Joshua. Missing scene from ‘Radar Love.’ Summary: “What is that?” Matt Sung asked. (March 2006)

Wake Up Call PG. Max/Alec. Fluff/schmoop. Summary: Wake up, li'l Maxie, wake up! (April 2004)

distance in your eyes G. Logan (Max-related angst). Poetry (August 2004)

Dawson's Creek

The Year of Bare Walls G. 223 words. Joey Potter, Spoilers up to and inspired by 3.20 ‘Show me Love’. Summary: And in that waiting, her mind skitters to other bare walls. (September 2010)

Downton Abbey

Homeward Bound G. 75 words. Mary/Matthew. Spoilers for the third series. For the prompt ‘IN SPACE! AU’ at the Three Sentence Ficathon 2013. (March 2013)

I appreciate your appreciation PG. 1,185 words. Daisy/Andy (Mr Mason/Mrs Patmore implied). Spoilers for the last Christmas special. Summary: Daisy makes Andy take the last steps more quickly than he expected. (January 2016)

Lass, th'art a lady G. 670 words. Sam Thawley/Lady Rose MacClare. Spoilers for 4.03. Summary: The likes of her with the likes of him. (October 2013)

Nothing Stays the Same Universal. 2,137 words. Lady Edith Crawley. Set between series 4 and the Christmas special, spoilers for the latter. We all hurt/we all lie/and (we all learn that) nothing stays the same. (June 2014)

the safest hand is the one that lets go Universal. 393 words. Elsie Hughes. Written for the prompt ‘Any, any non-wizard fandom, AU where someone gets a magic wand’ at comment_fic. (June 2014)

Their great war PG. Ensemble. Spoilers for the second series. For the prompt ‘IN SPACE! AU’ at the Three Sentence Ficathon 2013. (Drabble) (March 2013)

shining G. Edith, Mary. Spoilers for the second series. For the prompt 'Regency AU' at the Three Sentence Ficathon 2013. (Drabble) (May 2013)

What’s in a name G. 279 words. Sybil/Branson, OFC. Spoilers for season 2. Babyfic. Written for a fluff meme. (November 2011)


Don’t Look Back PG. Ray/Neela, references to other characters and canonical pairings. 434 words. Summary: Neela wants to know why Ray was smirking. The reason surprises her. (April 2010).

Days, weeks, months and years. one two. PG. Haleh, Neela and Ray. Two post ‘Dream House’ 12.06 drabbles. (February 2006.)


can't wash out the blue PG. Drabble. OCs, River Tam. Summary: a threat. (November 2005)

Gunslinger's Defeat PG. 762 words. Mal/Kayleeish. Fluff. Summary: Summary: Mal doesn’t have an out from this situation. (March 2005)

Untitled Mal/Kaylee kisslet PG. 227 words. Mal Reynolds/Kaylee Fry/ Summary: As per title. Written for musesfool. (November 2005)

Georgette Heyer

The Grand Sophy
Provocatrice PG. Drabble. Sophy/Charles. (August 2005.)

Harry Potter

Bear, Woken Universal. 204 words. Minerva McGonagall. Summary: She is a mother bear protecting her cubs. Written for a prompt at 3sentencefic. (March/April 2016)

Finding Teen. 410 words. Hannah/Neville (and various other pairings). Summary: Hannah has to find Neville. Written for the deleted prompt ‘love potion number 9’ at comment_fic. (September 2016)

Holding on to a phoenix’s tail feathers G. Drabble. Ginny/Harry. Summary: Ginny’s thoughts post HBP. (July 2005)

Love, Eyes, Flowers, Hair G. 62 words. Dean/Luna. For the prompt "there's a girl out there with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair" at the Three Sentence Ficathon 2013 (March 2013)

Old-fashioned Waltz G. 175 words. Neville, Ginny. Summary: Neville and Ginny dancing again. (April 2010)

Resignation, aged 13. G. 319 words. Ginny/Harry vignette. Summary: Stuffed, silent and about to dance: Ginny thinks. (May 2005)

Share and share alike PG. 1,092 words. Ginny/Neville, ER. Summary: She never wears his shirts, then one time she does. (Oct 2014)

The Sketch Mature. 917 words. Rolf/Luna. Summary: Rolf is looking through the sketches his colleague Luna has been drawing and finds something very unprofessional. Written for the comment-fic prompt. ‘Any, any, nude.’ (September 2016)

Into the Woods (2014)

Not alone, alive. PG. 1,611 words. Cinderella, the Baker, Jack, Red Riding Hood, the Baker’s son. Summary: They find their way out of the woods, the birds find Cinderella and she finds something out. (April 2015)

Jane Austen

Mansfield Park
Comprehension PG. 2,018 words. Henry/Fanny. AU. Summary: His marriage and his sister’s wedding help Henry to see more. (September 2010)

Not play-acting G. Drabble. Fanny/Henry. For the prompt ‘play-acting’ at the Three Sentence Ficathon 2013. (March 2013)


you bear the weight of my gaze Mature. 1,326 words. Maggie Beauford/Forrest Bondurant. Summary: Forrest watches Maggie. Maggie watches Forrest.

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries

Favoritism G. 868 words. Jane Bennet, Bing Lee, Lizzie Bennet, OMC. Jane/Bing. Futurefic. Summary: There’s no such thing as a favorite grandchild, but toys are another matter entirely. February 2013)

Tea for Two G. 62 words. Lizzie/Darcy futurefic. For the prompt 'Lizzie (+ anyone or not), rain, classic novels, any movie starring Colin Firth; at the Three Sentence Ficathon 2013. (March 2013)

The Lone Pine mysteries

Lone Piners In Space PG. 54 words. David gen. For the prompt IN SPACE! AU at the Three Sentence Ficathon 2013. (March 2013)

Lord of the Rings

Waxing moon Universal. Lothíriel/Éomer. Written for the prompt ‘horseback riding on a moonlit beach’ at comment-fic. Double drabble (February 2013)

Marvel Cinematic Universe

got my sights set on you PG (if that), Darcy/Clint. Written for the prompt ‘MCU, any, wearing green tights to play Robin Hood for a costume party (bonus if it's not Clint)’ at comment-fic. 238 words (November 2014)

I Like The Way You Move, Universal, MCU (Thor) Thor Odinson/Jane Foster. Written for the prompt ‘any, any, you suck at dancing but you’re doing it in the middle of a bookstore to the crappy music on the radio and I think it’s pretty damn cute au’ at comment-fic. 886 words. (July 2017)

Night Sky. Universal. Darcy/Steve, background Jane/Thor, Darcy-Jane friendship. Written for a comment_fic prompt. 150 words. (January 2016)

Men in Black 3

Fraternisation (he won’t let you remember) PG. 291 words. Agent O/Agent K. Summary: The end of July, 1969. Kisslet. (June 2012)

The Mentalist

Anniversary Universal. Double drabble. Jason Wylie/Michelle Vega.
Summary: One year on. (Diverges from canon at a certain point in 7.10 ‘Nothing Gold Can Stay’.) (April 2015)

Cleaning-up duty Universal. 361 words. Jason Wylie, one-sided Wylie/Vega. Summary: 7.07 ‘Little Yellow House’ coda. (April 2015)

Elevation, Universal. 365 words. Jason Wylie, Michelle Vega, Kimball Cho. (Jason Wylie/Michelle Vega.) Summary: He is so proud of her. (Diverges from canon at a certain point in 7.10 ‘Nothing Gold Can Stay’. Takes place after Anniversary). (April 2015)

Indelible PG. 213 words. Patrick Jane/Teresa Lisbon. Summary: 7.03 Orange Blossom Ice Cream tag. (February 2015)

Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium

Mutation G. 675 words. Molly Mahoney/Henry Weston. Summary: In which Mahoney helps the Mutant to embrace serendipity. Cautiously. (September 2009)

The Musketeers

ce matin, ce soir, hier soir Teen. 233 words. Aramis/Anne. Three sentence fic. Written for the prompt ‘The Musketeers (BBC), Aramis + any woman, Consent’. (August 2017).

If I let you in PG. 3,159 words. Constance/D’Artagnan. Summary: Constance knows her new housemate is going to be trouble. Written for the prompt college au. Indirect spoilers up to 1.07. (March 2014).


The History Boys and Girl Universal. 1,881 words. Scarlett O’Connor, Avery Barkley, Gunnar Scott, Micah Brenner. Summary: Missing scene for 3.08, Two Sides to Every Story. Set between ‘Well, I’m happy to fill in for you, if you’ll have me’ and ‘Well, the three of us have, uh, history’. (August 2015)

What your mama can make you Universal. 237 words. Juliette Barnes, Cadence Barkley, Avery Barkley, (background Juliette/Avery). 237 words. Summary: Juliette writes a song for Cadence.
Written for the prompt ‘author’s choice, author’s choice, writing a song for your child’ at comment-fic. (August 2016)

NCIS: Los Angeles

Dream Outfits PG. 358 words. Nell Jones/Eric Beale. Summary: Dreams mean nothing. Set during early season 4. (August 2017.)

The OC

Limber PG-13. 100 words. Julie/Luke. Spoilers for 2.01 (Feb 2005)

On the outside, moving in. PG-13. 3,322 words. Ryan/Anna, Seth/Summer. Summary: It’s not the first time that both Ryan and Anna have been outsiders, so they know how to deal with it differently. (March 2006, edited April 2017).

The Sign G. 250 words. Seth/Marissa. Wishkiss. Futurefic. (December 2004)

Siren R. 556 words. Julie/Luke. Summary: Soft, hard. Easy, hard. Julie, Luke, The Mermaid Inn. (January 2005)

Wouldn't it be nice...? PG. 579 words. Julie. Summary: It's Valentine's Day, and Julie has her credit card. (May 2005)


Family Business PG. 639 words. Ondine, Syracuse, Annie (Ondine/Syracuse). Summary: She found a family she liked and grew to be a part of it. (August 2011).


Birthday Girl PG. 1,057 words. Nick/Cassie. Summary: Cassie gets ahead of herself. (August 2009)

Energy Conservation PG. 727 words. Cassie Holmes, Nick Gant, Pinky Stein, OFC (Cassie/Nick). Summary: While worrying about her future, again, Cassie receives a piece of advice. Written for the prompt ‘Any, Any, "It takes seven fewer muscles to smile than it does to frown. Save your energy, you're going to need it in your child bearing years." (due South)’. (August 2017.)

Filling in the outline PG. 886 words. Nick, Cassie. Summary: Tired and cranky on a layover after leaving Hong Kong, Cassie finds something out about Nick she didn’t know before. (March 2010)

Life in motion PG-13. 205 words. Cassie, Kira, Nick. Summary: Cassie-centric ficlet. (December 2009).

Magnetic North PG. 2,050 words. Summary: Kira didn’t Push everything out of Nick’s mind. Cassie starts seeing him beside her in her visions again. (March 2011)

O Tannenbaum G. 408 words. Nick, Cassie. Summary: It’s winter, some time after the events of the movie, somewhere in the northern hemisphere. (December 2010).


please don't take your sunshine away G. Double drabble. Jack/Amanda Clarke, Sammy. Set post 1.13. (August 2012).

you were not mine to find PG-13. Double drabble. Amanda/Jack. Set at some point mid season 2. (February 2014).

Marvel Cinematic Universe RPF

A Long Time Coming U, OCs and A-listers. 613 words. Summary: Welcome to the red carpet for the premiere of the long-awaited Black Widow movie! Future fic. Written for the prompt ‘red carpet interview’ at comment-fic. (July 2016)

The Scapegoat

With this ring PG. 684 words. John Standing/Frances Spence, Charlotte, Johnny Spence. Summary: He has a decision to make. [September 2012].


Paterfamilias U, Cabe Gallo & ensemble. 233 words. Summary: Cabe Gallo has three sons, two daughters and one grandson who he isn’t related to and never officially adopted. Written for the prompt "This is my family." at comment-fic. Future fic. (July 2016)

Sky High

Coming right at you G. 441 words. Layla, Warren. Summary: Layla takes part in a ridiculous custom. Can be read as a sequel to Layla's Wedding. (May 2012)

Early G. 384 words. Will/Layla. Summary: Will wanted to check that last night wasn’t a crazy dream or hallucination. (June 2010).

Extreme Action G, 1,065 words. Layla/Warren. Summary: Fake-out make-out. (Layla’s idea.) (May 2017).

It had to be dolphins G. 454 words. Layla/Warren. Summary: There is anger. There is kissing. (May 2011)

It’s All About the Chemistry PG. 618 words. Warren Peace, Layla Williams, Boomer, Medulla (Layla/Warren, canonical relationships). Summary: Layla Williams doesn’t attend her school reunion with Will or Larry. Written for the prompt ‘any high school couple, are they still together at the reunion ten years later?’ at comment-fic. (July 2016)

Layla's Wedding PG. 296 words. Layla/? (het) Summary: Something old, something new. Something borrowed, something blue...doesn’t apply. (May 2011).

The Question 1. Popping the Question 2. Answering the Question Completed. G. 225 & 639 words. Zach/Magenta (futurefic). Summary: Zach wanted to be the one to ask this question, but what will Magenta’s answer be? (August 2009)

Superhero-in-training by day, waiter by night PG. 116 words. Warren Peace (with gratuitous Warren/Layla). For the prompt ‘a foot in both worlds’ for the Three Sentence Ficathon 2013. (March 2013)

The Transfer G (universal). 1,719 words. Layla, Warren (Will/Layla, Warren/Layla implied). Layla finds out that Warren is transferring from Sky High. (April 2012)

True Colors PG. 2,279 words. Layla/Warren, Magenta/Zach, Ethan, Elizabeth (Freeze Girl), Magenta’s mom, Will/OFC. Festive fluff. Summary: Ethan has organized a Christmas (fancy dress) party. Layla is determined that Warren will attend. (December 2011)

When we were strangers (or five ways Layla and Warren never met) PG. 5,055 words. Layla/Warren mainly. Summary: Five ways Layla and Warren never met. AUs. Some with powers, some without. (July 2013)

Zach, He's Here To Help PG. 1,023 words. Zach/Magenta. Fluff. Summary: Magenta takes Zach into her confidence on the bus ride to school. (November 2007)


Epicinium Teen. 2,682 words. Lois, Chloe, Clark, Gabe, Lana. Summary: The aftermath of the eighteenth birthday party that Lois and Chloe don’t remember. Coda for 4.8 ‘Spell’. (August 2016)

things that Chloe does PG-13. Chloe/Whitney. 100 words. AU futurefic. Spoilers: ‘Obscura.’ (January 2005)

Spy (2015)

Codename: SNAPDRAGON PG. Susan Cooper/Rick Ford. 449 words. Summary: Every time she's in deep cover she always receives a bouquet of SNAPDRAGON - Deception; Gracious Lady (June 2016)

Step Up 2

Balance G. Blake/Andie, Andie/Chase. 808 words. Summary: Blake watched Andie stand up on the wall, smiling down at Chase. (September 2011)

We talked in silences and other ways G. Andie, Chase, Blake, OFC (Andie/Blake, Andie/Chase, Blake/OFC) 824 words. Summary: Andie was almost relaxing at the Collins’ party. Until she met Blake’s date, Elise. (September 2011)

Swallows and Amazons

Words on a page G. Dorothea. 106 words. Written for the prompt ‘words on a page’ at the Three Sentence Ficathon 2013 (March 2013)

Top of the Lake

and the bees made honey in the lion's head Teen. Johnno/Robin. 296 words. Written for the prompt 'top of the lake, johnno/robin; and the bees made honey in the lion's head' at a commentficathon. Spoilers up to episode 4. (August 2013)

Veronica Mars

The Best of My Love PG. Mac (Mac/Logan). 369 words. Written as part of the Awesome Ladies Ficathon/lady fest ‘10. (June 2010).

Wire in the Blood

La, la, la. La, la, la, la, la. G. Tony/Carol (songfic). Summary: There was a song running in his head. It was phenomenally annoying. (Written for the first line meme) (October 2004)

X-Men Movieverse

Flawless PG. Mystique gen. Summary: A look at Mystique’s response to the events of X3. (June 2006).

Girl versus River PG. Rogue. Summary: Written for the prompt 'Yeah, the river it spoke to me. It told me I’m small, and I swallowed it down' at comment-fic. (Post X2) 119 words. (Nov 2014)

Persuasion PG. Wolverine/Rogue implied. 701 words. Summary: “Rogue is upset.” Only one person for this mission. Post X2. (December 2004)

Turned into gold in the sunlight PG. Scott/Rogue. 3,395 words. Summary: Saying goodbye reveals some things to Marie. Written for everyfandomfest. Prompt: experiments. (November 2009)

Undone PG. Wolverine, Rogue. 250 words. Summary: Wolverine finds Rogue in the X-Jet trying to deal with some of what’s happened to her. Post X2. (October 2005.) And its sequel Clasp PG-13. Wolverine/Rogue. 599 words. Summary: Logan works out what Rogue and he are ready for. [October 2005.]

Also, Fairy Tale fic can be found here and original fic can be found here.


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