Jan. 28th, 2017

Mixed news

Jan. 28th, 2017 10:05 am
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For the first time (as far as I know) a fic of mine has been translated! Exciting, yes? It's Family Business an Ondine ficlet I wrote in 2011, and it has been translated into Family Business家庭事务 by liangdeyu. I don't speak or read Chinese, but you may, and even if you don't - it's so cool.

FWIW, my 'stance' on translation is that I'd prefer it if people asked for permission. I'll probably say yes, and hope you did more than put it through machine translation, but want a link to the final product for gloating purposes. I'm not going to chase after anyone who does it without asking, unless if they don't refer to me in any way and pass the idea of the fic off as their own. After all, it's fanfiction, but it'd be nice to be asked, because it's not quite the same thing as not asking film makers' or whoever's permission to transform it.

Less good was learning that John Hurt has passed away. I feel a little shocked, irrationally, because I watched him in Jackie the other day, in which he played a priest she opens up to (very well, of course).


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