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Lost in You, Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, PG
Melinda May/Phil Coulson
Written for the prompt Phil Coulson/Melinda May, lost in you at the threesentenceficathon 111 words. (I wrote something!)

Lost in You: shallowness

There was a plan, a contingency plan the other agents on the team knew about and a contingency plan Coulson didn’t have to utter out loud for them both to know to turn to if all else failed. There was no need, and standing in a forest clearing, with two unconscious bodies, a Kree artefact and a beacon ready to be switched on to their side, Melinda knows she could – should – call it in, but what Phil has just said is hanging in the air. Until he half-smiles, as if he’s seen what he’s been waiting for on her face, and steps toward her to take her mouth in a kiss.


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