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May. 21st, 2017 08:56 am
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Fics and fanvids in the following fandoms: Marvel Cinematic/Galactic Universe, Pirates of the Caribbean, Sense and Sensibility (1995), Singin' in the Rain, Sherlock, Sky High, Strictly Come Dancing, The Thin Man, The West Wing, While You Were Sleeping and Zootropolis/Zootopia.

Marvel Cinematic/Galactic Universe
Iron Man

The Priming Game: amonitrate (gen, Rhodey, Tony, backgrond Tony/Pepper) long, teen, missing scenes

This is excellent, so involving and psychologically acute. It intelligently plays with the fact that the reader who's seen the movie knows more than Rhodey, but can sympathise with what he's going through as a friend and a serviceman, not to mention what Tony is undergoing.

Thor 2: The Dark World

Desert Rain: Margo_Kim
This rather gorgeously captures this moment, where Jane is at, and where Jane and Thor are at.

Avengers Assemble

On Guard: edenbound
(Natasha/Bruce if you squint.)
Very nice slice of interaction between these two characters, with the requisite awareness of the other guy.

Old Souls in a New World: igrockspock
Love the sense of characters here, how Steve is navigating his new world, and how this story brings out the similarities and complementary differences between Steve and Natasha that make the 'ship work.

Doctor Strange

Welcome Home: rosecake (Christine/Stephen ish ficlet)
I enjoyed spending time with these characters, as Stephen shows Christine his new pad.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Turn you sail (never say we die): Fahye
(Will/Elizabeth, written post At World’s End, slightly jossed by On Stranger Tides)
Such a satisfying addendum (fix-it?) to the trilogy. I enjoyed reading about Will settle into his role and make things right after Davy Jones, and his steadfast love for Elizabeth, Pirate King. Really judicious choices about what strands and characters to weave into the story.

Sense and Sensibility (1995)

Wow: cherry
(canon pairings)
I was very impressed by this (and yes, that's another way of saying 'wow', which I literally did when it ended), but the way the fast cuts and modern rhythm worked so beautifully to express the complicated feelings going on was surprising, even thouh shouldn't have been.

Singin’ in the Rain

Welcome to the Jungle: odessie
A really interesting commentary on Kathy in Hollywood.


rabbit-hearted girl (the cowardly lion remix): pyrebi
(Molly-centric gen)
I really liked this portrayal of Molly and the situation she was in post 2.3.

Sky High

Sky High Sidekicks: talumin
A Sky High vid that allowed me to bask in the adorableness of these kids! Also, I really like how it's brought their experience of high school to life.

Strictly Come Dancing

Keep Dancing: dogstar
Yes, a SCD vid, and it made me beam, with so many joyous moments from a spread of dancers over the years, all epitomising the mood of the song and of the show.

The Thin Man

The thin man’s bride: betony
(Case-fic, Nick/Nora)
Such a fun read, as Nora takes the lead tn style

The West Wing

Toby: Steve Holmes
Or a trailer for ‘Toby’ a thriller that isn’t appearing in your cinema soon, but you’ll wish it were.

While You Were Sleeping

Bonne Nouvelle: in48frames
Charming, grounded story about Lucy and Jack in Paris.


Scenes from a Partnership: sanctuary_for_all
This is great. I loved the tone throughout, the mix of snarky banter and strong emotions, and it just got richer and richer, scene by scene.

‘"Your faith in me is only mildly terrifying."’
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