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On Tuesday I posted my first new fic of the year and the first one for six months: Extreme Action, a Sky High, Layla/Warren futurefic. It was first drafted in July 2015, which wasn’t a wonderful time for me. Having a title that would suit an early 90s action flick better than a fluffy tropefic appealed to me, apparently. Anyway, a couple of months ago, as I was doing looking through some drafts, I found that this one didn’t need much work – usually I have stalled before coming up with an ending. In the editing process, it passed the thousand word mark, et voila.

For completeness on Livejournal: this spring, I’ve also reposted the following fics at Dreamwidth and A03. The first two were edited versions of the original fic posted.

On the outside, moving in, The O.C., (Ryan/Anna, Seth/Summer.) PG-13 3,322 words. Futurefic (written having seen season 2 only.)
Summary: It’s not the first time that both Ryan and Anna have been outsiders, so they know how to deal with it differently.

I repeat: 3,222 words. In hindsight, I’m not sure I did everything I intended to with the fic, but maybe that’s for the best.

Adoption, Dark Angel, Alec-centric gen ficlet – a missing scene from ‘Bag ‘Em’

Unknown, Dark Angel, Max-centric gen double drabble – a missin scene from ‘Radar Love’.

If I don’t get back into a ficwriting groove, I should get back to reposting the missing fic that isn’t up at AO3, Dreamwidth or at Livejournal because I only posted a link, not the fic.
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