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I am behind on B99 as someone called me while I was watching it last week and I never got caught up and so didn't watch the latest episode last night. I could have got caught up instead of watching NCIS:LA...however, I saw the last two episodes of season 2, 'Imposters' and 'Familia'.

Some thoughts, I think I enjoyed Imposters more - it was a more normal episode, with Sam and Callen showing off some terrible interviewing techniques. I was amused, but not believing that they got away with it, and a part of me was on the side of the people who wanted their lawyers, even though our heroes were bulldozing through due process because very bad stuff might happen very soon. I saw Monty, which was nice, and there was more Kensi-Deeks partnering, because the dynamics were different (team against the system, Hetty in the crime family's den) in the finale. On the one hand, the show ships them so hard, on the other, I could be argued into believing she deserves better than the whole 'yes we are partners with benefits but witness lady, would you live my card?' business.

And all behind the case, Hetty was saying her piece to the four field agents (why not Eric and Nell?). Aww. The main strand between the two episodes was the awesomeness of Hetty. I mean, I think she could take on Irina Derevko. She was very competent in 'Prague'. And then there was all of Callen's FEELINGS about her being gone, and the gradual reveal that she'd gone for him. THOSE TWO.

I'd seen Hunter turn up in a later episode - as I've said, I've seen an assortment of season 2 and 3 episodes, so it was nice to find out a bit more about her. Claire Forliani has these amazing dewy eyes. Chris O'Donnell speaking foreign was hilarious. Oh, and Nell runs rings around Eric, no? He's a competent geek, but she's amazing.

And I have seen Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge, and when I have time, I will type up a full response, but it was much like the other sequels to the brilliant Curse of the Black Pearl, entertaining in fits, not as good as the original and best, although trading on goodwill for it. I didn't stay to see if there was a scene after the credits, but I'll probably buy it on DVD, because I'm a completist and it did nothing to put me right off the franchise a la Jason Bourne and The Huntsman Winter's War.

The trailers for the coming blockbusters made me feel like it'll be slim pickings this summer. I'll be looking to the counter-programming.


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