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Agents of SHIELD 4.19 All the Madame’s Men

A good episode, with big action as Daisy became Quake in the Framework, too, and set off with May – HYDRA never sent enough agents after them! Some nice stuff as May started questioning all that she’d done in the Framework and had to deal with the consequences of being HYDRA from all the SHIELD people. And shipwise there were some very nice ‘for reasons I can’t explain I can trust her’ and tie moments. The latter with the line about déjà vu and the defenestration of Ophelia, I’ll take as The Matrix references.

The excellent little arc they’ve given to Coulson continues. As there was a Patriot-shaped hole in the SHIELD leadership, and Jemma had dragged Tripp off to the other side of ‘the world’ and Framework!Ward couldn’t trust Skye to take care of herself (ten points from Slytherin), he eventually stepped up. That his momentous decision had been not to join SHIELD packed a quiet punch, and I thought that the end of his speech led us back to the character’s essential nature and thus the show’s.

The speech itself was chortlingly political. They might have tiptoed away from making it entirely clear what they meant about SHIELD the resistance fighting alternative truths enough to placate lawyers, but, um, well. There it was. (See also Daisy wondering if the white blonde was being racist.)

I love that Jemma worked out what AIDA was having Fitz do. She’ll have to stop him/them with her brains and her heart, presumably. I thought we could have had more nods to Tripp and Simmons’ history, not to mention some reaction from Simmons to the reappearance of Bakshi, given that she killed him. But Tripp went along with Simmons because of course he did and even started believing her about the other world, because of course he did.

Daisy was so pleased to hear about him, thus putting another nail into Framework!Ward’s heart. But they handled that well – I was bracing myself for her to give him more, but she couldn’t. It was just about poignant enough. I wonder if she will cross paths with Tripp in the framework.

Anyway, AIDA really wants to become human (we had more time in the real world than we’ve had for a while). I’m not sure what the idea with dragging Fitz’s consciousness from the framework into a new body??? is – is it just that. But oh how Fitz was played by her. He really is going to be the angstiest little puppy, because May is starting to make restitution, proving that AIDA underestimated or misunderstood her – and probably all of them.

So, we had power struggles between Fitz and his daddy and the encounter between two of his father figures (they haven’t played it up of late, but Coulson is another). I wondered how long before Radcliffe’s essential cowardice would come into play, but a little part of me was glad HYDRA had footage of the conversation through the grate, because it would have been too much if they’d got away with that. And if Fitz is doing what I think he’s doing – offering Radcliffe a new body in the real world where he’s dead, that could be a motivation.

I wonder if Americans followed all the Scottish men talking to each other or if there was a lot of reaching subtitling being turned for.

More seriously, I foresee major angst over those walkie-talkies as they try to prise Mack away from Hope.

I dipped in and out of the One Love Manchester benefit concert, but from what I saw and heard I thought Ariana Grande stepped up remarkably.


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