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Poldark 3.1

Previously on Poldark: Ross was an idiot, Demelza was a heroine etc…

Now: helicopter shots of the Cornish coast aplenty, and megaportents of the week and curses! Also slightly different looks for Demelza, Prudie and occasionally Ross, the children and Uncle Ray.

The episode’s main focus was the outcome of Ross and Elizabeth’s intercourse nine months ago – Valentine (SRSLY!!!!) but there was plenty of other stuff going on. I rather liked the kid they’ve cast as Geoffrey Charles, though we’ll see how he does with meatier stuff. Demelza’s brothers are pretty, but deeply predictable, and young Morwenna is taking things in. Because they are new, because this is a new series, although confusingly the phrase ‘new chapter’ was used at the end of the episode.

So, there was the awkwardness between Ross the Ostrich and Demelza, heightened when everyone started talking about their wonderful marriage; Elizabeth was clearly about to pop (faking an accident was about the best she could do given the circumstances, although Ennys didn’t buy it for a second); George was horrible and possessive and his Uncle being even worse, making Aunt Agatha’s bad behaviour completely understandable. I mainly laughed at The Black Moon that Turned Red, but they did a good job of racking up the tension by taking time to tell us what was in letters, even up to Ross’s visit to George’s (very nice) new bank (it you can manage not to think of Willy Wonka’s factory). Where he didn’t do the rash thing, but the responsible thing, because however many issues I have with Agatha, she didn’t deserve to be carried in her chair like that, and however many autocratic, spoiled by his mother tendencies Geoffrey Charles promises – sorry, was I meant to see that as Poldark spiritedness? – he’s still a kid, Julia died for him.

I think I was urging everyone to be kind to everyone (except possibly Ross, Elizabeth and George), as Caroline and Ennys’s marriage went fine but the wedding night was ruined by birth and death. Great job on John Nettles’s make-up, he looked terrible. But Uncle Ray did die (happily?) when Caroline told him she'd married Ennys anyway. Like she said he might...

And until the final hand-clasp, no touching between Ross and Demelza, just unsatisfactory conversations that were honest up to a point. But they clearly managed to have some sex in the interim and she’s learned from the not telling him about Jeremy debacle. Please don’t pick a silly name like Valentine (or Drake, tbh) for the child.

The next episode promises Verity (but a sad Verity) among many other things.
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