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Agents of SHIELD 4.21

Much of this was really satisfying development, as nearly everyone was back in the real world, with us, Jemma and Daisy learning what Talbot made of the state they’d left the base in (bad) (and I hadn’t much thought of this), Yo-Yo learning Daisy had left Mack behind – and I nodded furiously as she pointed out that she could have knocked Mack out and brought him out without his permission. While I wouldn’t have gone as far as breaking his legs, Mack didn’t, as Daisy admitted, remember everything, so she’d have been justified doing it without his consent. Never mind how cute Hope was!

There was also Coulson trying to get May up to speed, so there was this funny running commentary on ‘and then there were robots/androids’ and the other shenanigans she’d missed out, except he chickened out of admitting what had gone on with him and Android!May. There was also the ‘can’t lose you now’ desperation about him over her, although she over-ruled him to power up again. Oh, May.

Talbot had some excuse for being more incredulous when Coulson told him the story.

And then there was Leo’s angst, Jemma’s heartbreak and AIDA/Ophelia’s awakening. Steep learning curve about love, and I respected Leo for taking the time to try to get her to grasp empathy, though he did it in order to save the others. I was more of the Jemma and Piper ‘shoot her’ school of thougt.
But yes, AIDA, in your self-actualisation, did you think about Leo’s choicesin all of this? No.

Loved that Yo-Yo got what Jemma was really worrying over (nice foreshadowing that of course she’d go into the Framework for Mack), was amused that Jemma was spying into Fitz and Ophelia’s conversation (maybe they should have separated them, as they were recognising that their cases were different, but we’ll put that down to lack of resources) and whoa, that wordless scene where Jemma comforted him said more than talking. I mean, they’ll need to talk, but who knows if they’ll have the time onscreen, and maybe we don’t need to hear it.

Because it never occurred to Ophelia that Jemma was in Fitz’s heart first – the tid-bit that she’d taken Simmons’ place at the Framework!academy was brilliant. And then she went all scorned former android. And the gradual reveal that she had all the Inhuman powers, and that that had been part of what the Framework was about (although does that track with Ivanov’s issues or the idea of creating an organic Framework where they torture all the inhumans except for the uber one?) was another good development. Much tighter plotting than I’ve come to expect!!!

Jansen was good at playing another shade of AIDA, even if she was written as expositioning what she was experiencing.

Then, as set up by May enquiring after him, Ghost Rider returned, and they’ll probably need him to counter Ophelia’s powers and the Darkhold (which still looks like a tarted up photo album).

And although I was mildly amused by Mack in stasis as May and Coulson fought Ivanovs (I’ll allow that all those Daisys work as foreshadowing for that. I lost count of how many Ivanovs got destroyed, but irritatingly there was always another), I couldn’t believe they’d kill him off like that, so it was no surprise that Yo-Yo went for him (and I rather think that she
should be a regular next season, unless if they’re going to give her a heroic death and allow Mack to survive. And if they do, I’ll be irked. I’m also wondering if they will bring Robbie back as a regular, and I’m a little more torn because I prefer my Agents of SHIELD in the sci fi realm, and apart from generic confusion, I think he unbalances the agents.)

I grasped more of the redshirts’ names this time – please scroll back up and see that I called Piper by name!!

NCIS: LA 4.1 Endgame

Honestly, I consider it an act of self-control that I didn’t rewatch all of Sans Voir parts 1 and 2, except for the last few minutes of the end, which they were airing before the fourth season premiere. That led to confusion, because Callen seemed to shoot the Chameleon/Janvier (I see whatudid there, show) once in SVp2, but in the previously bit for ‘Endpoint’ he shot him multiple times. Was there a different cut because ‘Endpoint’ was being aired after the watershed?)

It’s a minor point, anyway. Having seen more of the show and the ads for the fourth season, I was certain that Callen shooting Janvier was part of A Plan. This was reinforced by the time that Hetty dropped his name to the Iranians – who included Erick Avari, which is satisfying, because he should appear in a show like this. His character and Hetty had a pointy finger-off – let alone the case that Deeks left behind after the Gun-fight of the Week. Well, the writing team had had the break to work out how it had been done and to fill in the ‘gaps’ with flashbacks.

I admired them for more or less getting straight into business and assuming all the viewers were on board. Callen was still angsty and angry and rude to Sam. Grainger was in charge at Ops because Hetty’d resigned, and when he ordered Kensi and Deeks to come up with an undercover plan to get the file, I was very excited and subsequently NOT DISAPPOINTED. Kensi deserved a round of applause for that performance.

And it was all a stunt (although Callen’s ‘don’t threaten Hetty’ came from a place of truth) and Janvier was not dead, but would get Iranian justice and Callen would be back in the team, and Grainger has reached the point where he can dare to snark with Hetty about her resignation letter.

(I intend to catch up on Fearless.)


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