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Poldark 3.2

One of those episodes that, despite the themes of status and religion, the fall-out from Uncle Bergerac's death etc, seemed a bit all over the place, which isn’t new for this show. It’s also funny to hear that all these years have passed since Ross was in front of the law and that Verity’s been married so long when the adult actors haven’t aged much – Aunt Agatha was having one of her haler episodes, winding George up, which made her wondering whether she’d ever see Sweet Verity again feel less poignant than it should have. I mean, if she keeps on like this, never mind his agreement with Ross, George WILL push her over a cliff.

Or order someone else to.

Speaking of cliffs, Poldark-by-birth Verity had two moments of staring out to sea and Poldark-by-marriage Demelza had one, because we all knew Ross would have adventures by the end of the episode – I loved her immediate suspicion when he agreed not to go to France to rescue Dwight and/or Andrew. And of course, he was waiting to talk to the French nobility not saying he’d never go.

I LOVED Demelza, Caroline and Verity being there for each other, even though I was amused when Ross held a sobbing Verity and Demelza a sobbing Caroline, although I wanted none of their husbands dead.

If Demelza keeps talking about the Trenwith people, they maybe need to directly address that Valentine (still can’t get over the name) is probably Ross’s. Instead we got lots of grim lips and her trying to see the silver lining. One of which was shirtless Ross (he’s the torso in the marriage, while she’s the brains, conscience and heart. Okay, that’s overstating it.)

The Carne boys (who are terrible Methodists in different ways) were also shirtless. And if they were to turn into a boy band, Sam would be The Voice.

While I was amused by Prudie but also chiding her for sexually harassing Drake as the audience stand-in, Drake and Morwenna’s burgeoning romance is still a little bit of a retread, (apparently nobody can happily marry someone of their own class in Poldark) and I’m surer of what his wish was than hers. For her, I want agency. No wonder Geoffrey Charles rarely listens to her when she says ‘we shouldn’t do this’. But that moment where she noted that Drake was too low-born to be Demelza, Ross’s wife’s brother, showed up her ignorance – and by giving her flowers, he showed that gentility that his sister has in spades. (Sam not so much!?)

Sweet Verity is the sweetest, though. If Demelza ever did tell her of why she can’t/won’t heal the rift between Naparra and Trenwith, it would be epic and horrible. As it is, Verity was left to gloss over how uncaring Elizabeth is towards her second child and a bit of an ice-cold bitch. She and the Warleggans clearly didn’t figure out on their own what a lost merchant ship might mean to Verity. (There was a moment where E reminded V that she’d married Andrew against Francis’s wishes where she had a point, but mostly, I was ‘see, Elizabeth, here is the bed that you made, lie in it in your jewels, while Morwenna is all Fun Governess and Co-conspirator with your firstborn. And Demelza is still married to Ross.’)

George tried to hurt Demelza, but failed. Sadly, nobody was as excited as him about his becoming magistrate (LOVED the ‘yes’ of celebration.) I was also amused that Sir Frances Basset had a much deeper voice than him. And although I kind of agree with Ross that he’d be a terrible magistrate, on balance, he should have said ‘I’ll discuss this with my wife,’ because as she pointed out, George will be unjust and unmerciful. (Will Ross ever get a second chance at being a magistrate?) I was enjoying that Horst was not put off by Demelza’s declaration of Ross’s principles, and then it turns out that he was played by the actor who was seventies Ross, which was nice.

With all of these sons, I was glad that Demelza pointed out that her baby might be a girl, although I don't want any future accidental incest, kthxbi.

The scene juxtaposing Caroline and Dwight was random, and epitomises what I mean about the pacing and feel of this episode. Also, if people had eyes, surely they’d surmise that Caroline’s friendship with Ross and Demelza meant something (other than good taste?) This ep was all about reminding us and George that the Naparra Poldarks still have good standing among the upper echelons of Cornish society.

Well, peace-loving (ha!) Ross is off for adventure, and suddenly things that were easy for Demelza to say to Verity are no longer so easy.
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