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NCIS LA 4.2 Recruit

This was a silly episode, and some of it was wearing. The plot was a bit hand-wavey – I know! On this show! Fancy that!! - and a lot of the banter was creaky. Callen and Same got the best of it because the writer wasn’t trying so hard, although I did enjoy the Kensi/Deeks ‘touché’ nonsense, because he was genuinely aggravated, and she was being annoying – but he was being really annoying over the (photoshopped) holiday pictures all episode. The actors committed to the scene instead of playing it with a smirk, which made it work better.

Everyone had been off on holiday since the last episode. There were a few mentions of Hunter and Grainger, but a line was drawn under the previous arc, and it was meant to be goofy. But the Eric/Nell stuff is enough to make you go ‘oy!’ He was trying genuinely to reach out over the periodic table stuff, even if its him and awkward doesn’t even begin to cover him, but the stuff out in the ‘security firm’ office… For starters, why the sunglasses? Why the sunglasses over glasses? Then he freaked out, which was a less comic bit than it was meant to be, but I think we ended up with Nell realising, if she didn’t already know, that if she wanted to go there with Eric, and it was out there with the looming, the body language and the charged phrasing, she’s going to have to be on top, in charge, wearing the trousers and initialising it. Because she’s the boss (my current theory is that some day she will be in Hetty’s position.) Question is: does she want it, because he is awkward, and there are usually massive problems with his overtures?

(Though there was the scene where he took the initiative and dragged her away from work when Hetty told them to go, but I think that that’s longer exposure to Hetty?)

Plus, in the very next scene at Ops, there was a moment between Callen and Nell that offered her a very different dynamic. I don’t know if that was intentional or just about making Callen look cool. See also the interaction between Kensi and Callen in this episode. I mean, as a Kensi/Deeks shipper, I took the ‘it’s nice to see our boys getting on’ line and her sleeping all over him as TEAM FEELS, and chortled along with mama bear/Little Sister Hetty spying on her kids/minions, because it was all about the pay-off of Deeks sleeping al over Sam. But…

Eh, I was unimpressedby how Kensi and Deeks managed not to ask the parents basic investigative questions about when they’d last seen their dead Marine son. They did better with the girlfriend, and in hindsight, the parents must have said much the same story, just not on screen (this could all have been plotted better). But I appreciated Deeks – in an episode where he was very silly about his (photoshopped) holiday snaps and helicopter-deploying panics over that time Kensi understandably switched her phone off – managing to play respectful hardball with the father. Could be argued there was chauvinism there in that he didn’t take Kensi seriously, but you could also put that down to rejecting the sympathy that was offered.

Sam and Callen had a variation of their terrible interrogation techniques as their ‘guest’ was an idiot who didn’t know much.

My favourite moment was obviously Kensi tearing off the veil to start shooting.

And then last night I rewatched Stranger than Fiction, which was a delight, and had a moment where I went ‘I know that voice’. Linda Hunt turns up for one scene. I knew I knew her from all sorts of things, but it’s great that she was in StF.
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