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At the start of the week, it was twenty years since ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ was first published. After an initial ‘eek’ at that, even though I was fine with realising OK Computer is twenty years old also, it’s been interesting to read about how people have grown up with the series, and with it being such a phenomenon it doesn’t feel overblown to say that or to think about it’s influence in shaping social attitudes. There was the issue of the series getting a generation to read. There are people who read the series for whom it wasn’t a gateway drug to other books, for example, although I hope it got more people into reading more widely than would otherwise have happened, and it’s certainly a factor in the explosion of geek culture and the rise of the fantastic.

As for me, I think I first became aware of the books thanks to catching a TV interview with JK Rowling, possibly around the time of the publication of ‘The Chamber of Secrets’. They talked about her winning a prize for Philosopher’s Stone and how it had been written in a coffee shop. The idea of a boy wizard at boarding school appealed – I’d read ‘The Worst Witch’ series as a child among other boarding school and fantasy stories.

So, I eventually borrowed the first three books off a young teenage acquaintance, with friends my own age later buying them for me as a gift. They were apparantly impressed that I started talking about Harry Potter before ‘everyone else’. I eventually got a second-hand copy of Goblet of Fire, so the whole itch to get the new book immediately only began with Order of the Phoenix and I never went to buy a copy at midnight, the next day always did me fine.

I watched the movies, snarked about some aspects of them (I think Goblet of Fire is my favourite book and Order of the Phoenix my favourite film) some of which is recorded here. While I read meta and fannish theories between the later books, I only started reading fic (and writing it - gen het) fic after Deathly Hallows came out. So, I’m perfectly aware that I only dabble in the fandom, and for as long as I've engaged with HP fanac, it has been a mega fandom, comparatively and have been reminded anew that it wasn’t written for my generation.

My favourite character is Luna and I have a huge soft spot for the ‘silver trio’, but I see so much of Hermione in myself. I’ll read most canonical pairings – I’m OTP about Ron/Hermione, Bill/Fleur and Molly/Arthur, as in I can’t read them with anyone else, but will read Luna, Ginny, Neville and Harry paired up with a lot of other characters, nearly always het. I do read rarepairs and gen. My most fervent wish is that writers had got a Britpicker (people in Britain do not have yards, they have gardens, they have streets not blocks and Minerva McGonagall would not have ‘gotten’ anything in her life.) I would have been sorted in Ravenclaw.
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