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I got a bit muddled trying to catch up on B99, and saw the first half of 4.21 before 4.20 which was confusing. As ever – and it gets worse when E4 doesn't air it in double-bills – the show had dropped off my ‘must watch live’ list, because it’s a half-hour-slot sitcom.

4.20 Slaughterhouse

Getting to see Jake and Rosa meet their undercover hero made much more sense than seeing them interact with her with no context. Hitchcock and Scully at odds was surprisingly major. I liked how they made that about Terry and Charles’s parenting skills, which of course Boyle made inappropriate, but Gina was the one to resolve it.

The second half of the episode was much funnier than the first with Jake and Rosa’s one-upmanship as they competed for the open slot, and the line about getting a bike on the subway opened the floodgates of me actually laughing. And what Lt Hawkins (of the leather and attitude) seriously meant to Rosa was nice, although I’d already been spoiled that she was corrupt. Plus, among the nonsense, the show reminded us that Peralta and Diaz are conscientious cops with good instincts.

And I enjoyed Amy finally losing it with Holt. I can understand stationery feelings.

4.21 The Bank Job

I didn’t take much in about the set up for Jake and Rosa’s case, because I was following the aerobics (and I’d missed the whole episode introducing Hawkins when I saw it.)

I’ve been wondering if Chelsea Peretti was pregnant, but after going through it with Melissa Fumero last season, I don’t think I’ve mentioned it. Anyway Gina is, and as she isn’t the main character’s girlfriend and in the central showmance, it’s easier storywise. I thought there were nice touches throughout in that development and the others’ reaction.

‘Weird energy’ certainly encapsulates Pimento.

I resumed the second half…and the second Gina admitted her babydaddy was a Boyle cousin (ew) and Charles expressed disdain about cousin Milton, you knew how it was going to go. (Admittedly, I didn’t know it was going to be Ryan Phillippe per se, or that there would be dancing. Should have predicted the dancing.)

Then we had Pimento’s coked up weird energy and Jake and Rosa got played. And FRAMED.

4.22 Crime & Punishment

Jake’s mugshot!

It soon felt obvious that Jake and Rosa really weren’t going to help themselves in the case (as Hawkins piled it on.)

Boyle was !!!! with the turning white thing, even apart from his preoccupations, the visual was constantly startling.

Terry as the precinct’s fanfiction writer makes an odd kind of sense, and we needed the daft dirt on him, as Jake/Amy, but especially Holt-Rosa (he pulled the 99 as family card on her), got affecting. E4 has been using the Orinoco Flow line in the trailers for the show, so it was good that it was build up to the slo-mo bit. The ending felt like a jolt, which says something about how engrossed I was in the way the case was developing. Minor quibble when there were so many running gags, they didn't do much with the detectives vs. lawyers stuff.
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