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NCIS: LA 4.3 The Fifth Man

My viewing of this was slightly interrupted, so I lost a bit of Kesni/Deeks interrogating a suspect (really flirting), Hetty mentoring Nell (<3 MOAR PLS) and plot developments.

The continuity announcer had given away what happened in the tag, but if you’re going to spoil something, better the first five minutes than anything else. Rather than a gunfight or a car chase, it was an explosion at a diner where four strangers had found themselves invited via Twitter. Not quite Agatha Christie, then. Later, there would be a car chase truncated by a lorry.

We then switched to some training with sticks, which did come in handy later on in the episode, of which I approve (as opposed to giving Kensi and Deeks a dancing lesson and doing NOTHING with it). It also set up Kensi really being mad with Deeks for going to Vegas with someone else, but taking it out on Vegas.

Possibly the most random scene in the episode (that I saw) involved some ladies at the casino commentating on the three federal agents and cop walking past. Were they competition winners or something? [Turns out they were the actors’ mothers, which is fine if you’re in on the joke, but bemusing otherwise.]

And I didn’t quite catch if they were speaking about Kensi/Deeks as a couple or Callen/Sam. I presume it was the latter – I should look up the quote – because wow this show loves to comment on Kensi/Deeks – like Astrid asking Kensi about her feelings for her partner. And I was left wondering if I’d missed more Astrid-Kensi/Deeks interaction. I haven’t seen a show comment on one of its ships quite so much – I mean, Ross/Demelza get a lot of attention from other characters, but they’re an established relationship and the comments come from people who know them, people who Ross employs or people using them as a mirror for the state of their romances, so there’s a reason for their investment. Most of the commentators on this show are random Los Angelinos, working like a chorus for the writers.

Let us note that Deeks was right about Astrid’s age, and that Kensi’s instincts about here were right, although there were a whole heap of daddy issues and overidentifying from Agent Blye (but I loved how ECO played Deeks finding out Kensi had lived on the streets). I also welcome that they made Astrid have some level of Asperger’s (although I’d defer to someone who caught the whole episode and knows more about it) because of the lack of recognition for girls and women with it IRL.

Lots of Kensi/Deeks stuff, from the usual bickering, mainly over Vegas, but also him being gross about a teenager. Loved, as always, the switch to professionalism when they saw the blood stain. Then Deeks wanted to pretend to be on a first date (I may have spent some time wondering how that scenario would help them to get Hoffman where they wanted him as well as the one where Kensi as Fern played mad with her partner and baited their man). And then there was the quiet sympathy and respect over the whole pretending to be fine after the interview with a failing father stuff.

Then to move on to more female bonding, I would like to see Astrid recur, just a little, to show that Kensi’s offer of friendship had more weight than one episode. I LOVED that Kensi and her mother’s relationship has been patched up enough to do movie marathons together. (Also, people who sneak off to Vegas to see Phantom shouldn’t judge people who own their John Hughes love.)

The second I heard about Operation Wide-Awake (the Wide-Awake Club theme music running through my head) finding people of a high IQ, I thought NELL! I am glad Hetty thought so too. Therefore, too right did Nell quosh Eric calling her his assistant.

Callen and Sam did case-related, stunty stuff.
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