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Poldark 3.4

I have less snark about this episode, I think, which means I was quite into it. Last week’s trailer made me assume Drake was a goner, and then the second he gave the speech about how he was nobly coming with Ross to rescue Dwight, I realised that Henshawe was also going to die. Except there was no ‘also’ about it, Drake survived after being injured enough to cause much angst for others.

I don’t think I realised until this episode that Henshawe was Ross (and Dwight’s captain???) – the show glossed over their history a bit. Remember when Dr Ennys…just turned up?

Demelza got to be the episode’s beating heart/true north the most again, although Ross went through responsible-for-my-men stuff. Props to Turner for the use of his voice (how much theatre has he done?) before I move on to his co-star, who was excellent from the scene where Demelza realised Ross was going to go to Brittany to all the subsequent scenes with any emotional content (i.e. most of them), but especially the reunion on the beach, where she got to express emotions the men couldn’t (because sexism? In that scenario, exhaustion and not allowing themselves to break down until they were safe, but they didn’t get to break down, b/c men rarely do onscreen – this is courtesy of some quotes from an interesting interview with Zoe Kazan in the Guardian that I’m literally too lazy to linke to, but she mentioned the differences between her experiences and that of her actor S.O. Paul Dano).

And Demelza squashed George, which was satisfying.

On the relationship front, Ross talked out what he was going to do with her, trusted her and while I thought the initial bit of the nightmare scenario where he had to face her with a dead Drake was powerful, if a bit random – he wasn’t at his physical limits – it devolved a bit, so I spent most of the scene noting the actor’s hotness in a greyish limbo.

Dwight is an emotional wreck. As you would be if cackling soldiers kept killing your patients.

I saw what the show did there with Armitage, who I like (i.e. the whole line about choosing his own wife. Morwenna/Drake seem doomed, and it would be nice if the ‘rebel’ who wanted to choose love over money could marry a man who wants to marry with love and has money and social status and rub bullying, grasping George and Elizabeth’s noses in it. Admittedly, Drake still being alive puts this theory in doubt.)

I also love how Ross wasn’t even trying for MP and he got mentioned any way, how George was struggling so hard to get invited to the top table and Demelza swanned in because she’s Caroline’s actual friend (who lied to her a lot this episode, but of course went straight to her as soon as Dwight was safe.)

Stupid kids in love were stupid kids in love. Aunt 99 years old, is it? finally waking up to her chaperoning responsibilities, although a touch too Poldark centric. I don’t think Morwenna’s biggest problem is that she doesn’t love Whitworth, it’s that she can’t respect him and he’s a rapist-in-the-making creep. I suggest giving him sleeping draughts if she can’t get a way out of it, which I mostly expect she will.

Did Valentine develop rickets in response to his daft name? The whole Naparra Poldark family gazed out to sea on cliff (and visually you could see that Clowence was a comfort to Ross this episode). And Geoffrey Charles snatched his hand away from his mum as George poured bile on his uncle. Does that cover it?

NCIS: LA 4.4 Body Politic

Hetty was the stealth weapon of this episode, with her interest in politics, and through the closer, where it seemed that she was the one feeding the questions in the TV debate (heh/wince at the same time?). Best of all was the line about running Nicaragua for a few days because of the way it was played, with Kensi not sure whether to believe it and the world-weary ‘Don’t ask’, which fed into Henrietta Lange: myth or leg-pull.

As for the case, I assumed cynically it was candidate Tenez who was behind it all, but I think the motivation when it was laid out and the fact we’d met the killer giving out the red herring early on deserve respect. When what’s-her-name did pass on the note the dead guy had allegedly given her, claiming that she didn’t want to do so in the office, I was unimpressed, as they were just outside and the walls were mostly glass. Mainly, I was thinking how terrible the candidate’s security detail chief was. I know he was meant to be less good than our team, mainly Kensi, but still I’ve seen better on TV shows!

Kensi got the most to do, again – which is nice, but a little surprising. Her idealism and support for what Tenez stood for (which was vague) worked for me. I liked that she’d obviously been hanging out a little with Nell to confide to her about the computers, and Nell blabbed.

Lots of Kensi and Deeks flirting/snarking/banter (some of it terrible). Kensi is getting better at the putdown or the shutdown, by which I mean making her partner’s brain fritz out and we all saw the female gaze moment.

Holland from Angel turned up as the kind of sleazeball who makes you want to have a wash after encountering him.

Meanwhile the boys/manboys were defying age/proving themselves because Deeks used the word ‘old’ in reference to Callen and Sam. This played out as you would expect.

There was a moment where Deeks seemed to mimic Eric, and because I don’t give Eric enough credit, I liked him bundling Nell along from Hetty, although scary!Hetty seemed rather tame in her thumbs up to Kensi for fighting for Tenez. Grainger was just…there, but this ep was entertaining and sturdy enough, all told.

Haven't caught up with Fearless.


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