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I was more aware of the slimlining that took place for this episode – it wasn’t made clear that they were postponing the wedding, and Yorkshire seemed quite empty of anyone but Robin and Matt, the woman at the publishers Cormoran had a fling with never materialised and there was no taxi cab for the final reveal.

As the cops wouldn’t, Cormoran (and Robin, because the case had got her in its hooks) focused more on Fancourt. Respect to Robin – Fancourt didn’t notice her when she was tailing him because he didn’t recognise her at the party. I would have liked to see Matt, trying to be reasonable and a good ironing boyfriend, when he saw how Robin was dressing up to go and ‘meet someone’.

I enjoyed how much this case hinged on writing (‘the literary criticism unit of the Met’ tickled me), although you could still sense the voice of J.K. Rowling, biggest writer of her generation, talking about the publishing world as seen through the matter-of-fact outsiders’ gaze of Cormoran and Robin. And the give-away was the semi colon!!! That made me happy.

We got to meet Al, with a perfect mid-Atlantic accent who looked believable as Cormoran’s half-brother. The interaction between Robin and Dodo was touching (and I thought they conveyed a lot about kids in a few short moments in the scene with Isla and Nick).

I’m glad we didn’t see Liz’s dog in this episode, given what we learned about what she was feeding him. With some fierce Robin tackling Liz and getting bruised for it, her matter-of-factness at Cormoran having hurt himself and how she generally helped, of course she deserved the course and to be called partner – she definitely had been on this case. I’d have been happy with the course echoing the birthday gift – as a sucker for gifts showing characters know each other well, which then causes me some anxiety over buying gifts for others – in a scene that also had the nice parallel of Robin learning Cormoran’s second name. I would have been happy with that, because Ilsa didn’t need to worry about Cormoran relapsing with Charlotte given the way that he was generally beaming at Robin, but we got a kiss on the hand (not full on Musketeers courtliness). Which was pleasing for a shipper, but not in the book IIRC.

And then they said we have to wait until next year for them to air Career of Evil, so the last gesture made a little more sense.

In the meantime, when is the next book going to be published???


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