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Swallows and Amazons, Dorothea, words on a page (106 words)

Planning the outline of her novel is like planning an expedition, and at times, Dorothea is John, poring over his charts; Titty preparing a map, with Nancy issuing instructions at her elbow; or Susan and Peggy conferring over lists of supplies. Making sure she has all the resources that she needs is like being an able seaman again, stowing away ropes and tins and tins of pemmican and making sure Dick's equipment is safe. Putting pen to paper is like setting sail, but getting the right words on the page is like making adjustments to the sail because of the wind - hard work, but satisfying.

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, Lizzie/Darcy futurefic for the prompt Lizzie (+ anyone or not), rain, classic novels, any movie starring Colin Firth, (62 words)

Lizzie's trip to England is an almost mystical experience...right up until it starts raining in Bath. But Lizzie is not alone, and Darcy is no longer a single man. He left the hotel with an umbrella that's big enough for two, so she gets to walk through puddle after puddle, and marvel at everything until they're ready for a real English tea.

Lone Pine Club, David gen, for the prompt IN SPACE! AU (54 words)

Young Captain David Morton blames himself for lowering his guard once his ship navigated the Seven White Gates. Now reports are coming in from all sides, tensely summarised by Executive Officer Sterling, all pointing to one thing, their ship is in the grip of the Ballinger Anomaly. He gives the order, 'Unleash the twins.'

Harry Potter, Dean/Luna, "there's a girl out there with love in her eyes and flowers in her hair" (62 words)

Seamus is just coming to part of the story where his now tipsy grandmother got on the broom when he realises he's completely lost his friend's attention. Turning his head to look behind, Seamus isn't surprised to see Luna walking towards them, her smile for Dean the same one she wore walking down the aisle. What's that she's got in her hair?

Mansfield Park, Fanny/Henry, play-acting (drabble)

“You must tell me, Miss Pr—Fanny,” Henry said with determination, but his speech up to that point had lacked his usual assurance that everything would go his way and that none could refuse him. His vanity and something more had been wounded by the suspicion that had been growing in his mind for the past few days, putting a check on his felicity in gaining the hand, and, he had been sure, the heart of Fanny Price.

“No, I was not play-acting,” she replied, voice very low, high colour staining her cheeks, “I am not a good enough actress.”

Downton Abbey (IN SPACE! AU) Homeward Bound, Mary/Matthew, spoilers for the third series (75 words)

Mary takes the premium shuttle back to her home moon from Londinium. She could have asked Matthew or even Edith to have flown her there and back in one of the family’s fleet of spacecraft, but then there would have been questions that she didn’t want to answer. The treatment is complete now, the nanites are fully integrated and she is assured that her body will be able to carry the next Crawley to term.

Written for the prompt Downton Abbey IN SPACE! AU (# 2). Their great war, ensemble, spoilers for the second series (drabble)

They believe that this war, intergalactic in scope, will change everything. It does, in that a doctor’s son and a farmer’s son suit up together before landing on a strategically important planet they for a brutal, long campaign and a mixed-species socialite treats wounded soldiers on a mediship in another quadrant entirely alongside the young man who used to serve her food. Most of them do not know their history well enough to realise that when they describe this as the war to end all wars, they are echoing their forbearers on a planet that has long since been destroyed.

Sky High, Superhero-in-training by day, waiter by night, Warren Peace (with gratuitous Warren/Layla), written for the prompt ‘a foot in both worlds’ 116 words

Warren would never ever admit it, but he likes working at the Paper Lantern, and it’s not because it’s a certain redheaded vegetarian’s favorite restaurant (he picked up shifts there long before Layla Williams forced her acquaintance upon him, after all). It’s just that after a day at school of preparing himself for saving the world, Maxville or at least a citizen, it’s good to immerse himself in said world, among people who don’t know that he can create fireballs that could scorch through walls. Sure, some customers are whiny jerks, but there is one that he can share a knowing look with when the talk is all about how the superheroes saved the city again.

Feedback is always welcomed.

All fics of drabble length or more will be posted at AO3 and

*I hope that’s not schadenfreude because this ficathon has unlocked something. Obviously the lack of length helps, but it’s the variety of prompts too. What a week it's been.


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