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I posted a ficlet yesterday: I Like The Way You Move, MCU, Thor/Jane you suck at dancing but you’re doing it in the middle of a bookstore to the crappy music on the radio and I think it’s pretty damn cute au.

I started drafting a fill (the prompt is the summary) last autumn when I saw it, and it sat there for months. I really went at it this month and came up with a title and a way of ending it. This was done entirely on the laptop. I’m not happy about the probable lack of Thor/Jane in Thor: Ragnarok, hence the fluff - inasmuch as I need an excuse to write fluff. Some feelings about bookshops may have crept in also.

Marvel thing no. 2 is Spider-Man Homecoming. Look, I wasn’t excited about this film; I was planning on going and seeing it, yes, but not in any desperate hurry to do so, because I was around for the two previous cinematic iterations, and while I intellectually get why Marvel were so excited to get their biggest superhero into the MCU (which the title encompasses. although it’s not an aggressively meta film by a comic book superhero movie in 2017 standards), I am getting older and more grumpily distant from Peter Parker and the preteen boys who probably love Spidey the most.

But, this weekend, the other option was Dunkirk, which I do want to see, but it’s an intense war movie. So I chose the lighter fare, aware that this has had decent reviews. And as it also has MCU developments and I wanted to give it a thumbs up, here’s my review.

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As for the end credits scene – mild spoilers ) Otherwise, major spoilers )
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To cheer myself up (because of a cloud that has been blown away, but I thought making myself laugh would be a good thing) I've been rewatching selected episodes of Community over the past week. It’s something I’ve been planning to do since seeing The Martian, actually, and it was fun, because there were things I’d forgotten (many of the tags, some of the darkness) and I’ve been chuckling about various things and seeing representations of dalmations everywhere and then that Childish Gambino song where he’s doing a falsetto was playing when I was out having a coffee...

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Recs 1/2

Jun. 7th, 2015 08:16 am
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Fic and fanvid recs - gen and het - in the following fandoms: Atlantis; Belle; Brooklyn Nine-Nine; Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Community; Edge of Tomorrow; ER; Gravity; The Hunger Games; Jupiter Ascending; The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and Lord of the Rings.

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Recs (1/2)

Dec. 23rd, 2014 09:16 am
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Yes, it's a terrible time to post this now with everyone gearing up for Yuletide and Christmas holidays, plus it's four months since I last did a recs post, so no wonder there are too many for me to post in one go, but here are 20 fanfiction and fanvid recs in the following fandoms: Alice (SyFy); Avengers; The Bourne Legacy; Brooklyn Nine-Nine; Buffy the Vampire Slayer; Community; The Good Wife; Harry Potter; The Hobbit - The Desolation of Smaug; The Hour; The Hunger Games; Into the Storm (2014); Man of Steel; Mr and Mrs Smith; The Night Circus and Orphan Black.

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I finally watched everything on my Community season 3 DVD. As proof that I watched all the Community season 3 DVD commentaries – they led me to this vid JERLEY 4EVA! by thanatos101b (a Jeff/Shirley fanvid to the official Community shipper song). Granted, my laughing tailed off in the middle, but it’s worth sticking with to the very end.

(By the way, I hope to post a fanfic and fanvid recpost soon).

My favourite episodes were spoilers )
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I have yet to see Guardians of the Galaxy and don't know when I'll get around to it. Plus, if I have the opportunity, I might go to see Mood Indigo first because I suspect GotG will be available for longer.

I didn't watch the last episode of The Honourable Woman, so I'll need to catch up with that, not to mention The Mindy Project. On Monday, maybe. In my head, that's going to be my staying in and slobbing day.

Having said that, I have been watching Community season 3 off and on (still the season of bad English accents :) and more ofteh than not a delight). The last episode I saw was 'Course Listing Unavailable'.
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Still working my way gradually through Community season 3. Still sticking to three things* about each episode. Spoilers up to 'Contemporary Impressionists' (is that 3.11?) 3.08 to 3.11 was a pretty good run, I thought.

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*not really
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Over the past couple of nights, I've binged on Community season 3 - well, seven episodes in two nights feels like it's bingeing, however moreish it is, and that I should try harder to be disciplined/drag it out. Even though I failed at that with the second season.

I was chuckling at random stuff yesterday and will probably do the same today.

Everything I've ever come across about Dan Harmon seems to suggest he's got a streak of contrariness that makes him willing to bite the hand that feeds him (although the recent quote from the head suit (?) at NBC made me feel sorry for all the people involved in making Community that had to deal with that.)

I'm going to try to limit myself to commenting about three things about each episode.

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I was complaining about my problems when watching season 2 of Community on DVD in the last post, but I worked out it was the disc that was the problem, which in the grand scheme of things is not as big a problem as if it were the player. So I had to give up on rewatching the end of 'Conspiracy Theories and Interior Design' and much of any of 'Abed's Unstoppbable Christmas'. Woe.

But then, in my very truncated rewatch, I watched 'Intermediate Documentary Making' - mainly because I've been watching so much Arrested Development, and then the fake flashback episode. Pretty much like last time, I was wheezing with laughter by the time we got to spoiler ) and of course, that's the episode where The Catchphrase appeared. And then there was the paint-ball double bill, which makes this the morning after what turned out to be a fun night once I gave up on trying to will a certain DVD to play without a hitch this time.
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I’ve finished Arrested Development season 4, but I’m not sure that I’ve got much to add to what I said here which is in short that it’s very clever, but not as funny as it should have been. (I did think Queen B. was funny.) I got spoiled for one of the last things to happen in Blockheads, the episode they put last in the DVD running order. I wasn’t expecting it to be THE apogee of the season. I would probably be fine with that if I hadn’t been spoiled. (Although I do think I’d get more out of a rewatch of this season, we’re talking chuckles and understanding, not laughter.)

I thought I had plenty of time to catch up on the last two episodes of season 2 of Orphan Black, but by the time I got around to it (about a week after the last episode aired) the comparatively long window for watching episodes while it was on air was shut.

So, I rewatched Introduction to Statistics and Modern Warfare from season 1 of Community instead. There’s about four episodes of season 2 I want to rewatch soon – I’m being strict with myself – before going on to season 3. All the Community news has made me want to watch it more.

(That depends on my relatively new DVD player working like it’s meant to.)

The Honourable Woman - Episode 2

It’s good, but it’s not quite as good as it thinks it is.

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Six Seasons

Jul. 2nd, 2014 08:07 am
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(And A Movie?)

What unexpectedly good news about Community.

So, after I finish watching my season 4 Arrested Development DVDs, I'm definitely watching season 3 of Community.
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Recs for fic or vids from the following fandoms: Alice (2009) - 1; Community - 1; Dredd - 1; The Good Wife - 1; Harry Potter - 1; The Incredibles - 1; Jake 2.0 - 1; The Lizzie Bennet Diaries - 1; Man of Steel - 1; The Mindy Project - 1; MirrorMask - 1; Nashville - 1; Once upon a Time - 1; and Revenge - 1.

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In the UK, the beginning of autumn doesn't mean the return of all one's favourite shows or the beginning of one's new favourite show. It might, of course, but the runs are shorter. There's an expectation of classy dramas that you cosy up to (which Downton and literary adaptations have made hay of). There is the build-up to Christmas that is the return of The X-Factor and Strictly Come Dancing, but there's also imports (still mainly American) in the mix and some channels hold off until next year so that they can air them weekly with no break.

Which is a long way of saying that this list is going to be small.

- Strictly, although there's a month yet.

- Downton Abbey. I'm curious as to how the show will move on after that thing that happened at the end of the last Christmas special. Some of the casting news has been intriguing. I care the most about Edith, Isobel, Mrs Hughes and Mrs Patmore. I always look forward to Violet and spoilers for aired episodes ) BUT there will always be the hats.

- The Bletchley Circle. I got really excited the other night when I saw that SUSAN was part of ITV's weird promo, where Robert Crawley was crossing paths with Poirot and both Endeavour Morses and there was an intriguing shot of Downton Abbey's Anna. I had missed the announcement earlier in the year that there will be a second series of this show and that it will be a longer run.

If you missed it, it's about four former code-breaker ladies coming together after the war to use their skills to solve crime. The acting is good, it's about women working together and standing up for each other, with some feminist criticism undercutting the camera lens's interest in period details. (Other people's fanworks and my reactions to the first season can be found here.) There were only three episodes of the first series.

I would love for there to be more flashbacks to their wartime work, if possible. spoiler ) The fact that it's a longer run makes me salivate. No date yet, as far as I know.


- Community's third series arrived in my hallway while I was on holdiday. I'm so looking forward to watching it, but I'm in the middle of rewatching Arrested Development and watching Smallville season 4 on DVD, so it will have to wait for me to finish either or both of those.

- There's going to be an extended edition of The Hobbit, and on DVD as well as Blu-Ray. I held out for this, although as the film was so long it's not going to be so very extended. I understand it comes out on 4th November.


- White House Down, because I think Roland Emmerich does what he does well (although I gave 2012 a miss.) In the longer run: Gravity, Catching Fire, Thor 2, The Desolation of Smaug...

So, once I've watched the OUaT finale, I have all this to look forward to.
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We’ve now reached the last four of the fandom March madness thing. Getting the obligatory all women comment out of the way, we have Britta vs. Hermione and Martha Jones vs. Joan Sherlock. Full names for characters in fandoms I don’t really know! Read more... )

The obvious question following the Veronica Mars movie getting Kickstarted news has been will this be a trend and what project would you like to see green-lit? I’ve seen some suggestions that seem way less likely than VM, where the show’s creator and star were on board and had been actively working on scripts. It’s also the kind of project that could realistically be made on a low budget (depending on the scale of the mystery.) Of course, if this is a success – and it’s a step up from Arrested Development getting made by Netflix on the basis that if they make it, the fans will come in terms of fannish involvement in funding – maybe other projects will happen. I'm sure 'the industry' will be watching.

My answers: Because it’s so recent, I’ll mention The Hour, which was cancelled after a cliffhanger. I saw a suggestion that they should have allowed it to wrap up with a feature-length episode that I liked, where said cliffhanger and other characters’ stories spoiler for series 2 ) could have been resolved.

In the realms of total fantasy: Jake 2.0. But I don’t think it ran long enough or had enough of a fanbase.

Another thing about the Veronica Mars movie stuff that’s giving me pause is that I’m reminded that the show first aired in 2004!

Last night, I had a Nashville double-bill

1.05 Move it on Over

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1.06 forgot to note the title
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