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I have just got out of a rabbit-hole of sorting out my icons, motivated by the fact that i. Poldark is coming back this weekend (I appreciate their wanting to avoid Victoria, but couldn’t they have waited for Agents of SHIELD to finish? Perhaps it’s not an obvious overlap to the schedulers, but it includes me, and the way AoS is currently firing on many cylinders and its fight scenes will make me choose that first.) ii. I have stuff to say about NCIS: LA, so I’ve got icons and iii. I have more icon slots than I thought on LJ!?

I’ve been continuing to mainline the top and tail of season 3 of NCIS: LA. spoilers )
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I posted 10 fics to Archive of Our Own this year, all longer than drabbles. I had a flurry of writing X word ficlets and Three Sentence fics. That’s one more than last year! Most were ficlets, with two passing the thousand-word mark, both of which were gen. Things happened in my life this year that had a big bearing on my writing.

There was a huge flurry in April, partly because of Easter and partly because of what was going on in The Mentalist’s final season – I wrote more The Mentalist fic than any other fandom, and I’ve never written fic in the fandom before. A minority of these fics, less than I thought, were based on prompts.

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I saw an lj friending meme in passing recently – I didn’t take part, mainly because of my issues of which spoilerphobia is but one. You were meant to present general information about yourself, what TV shows, films, books etc you were interested in and also which ships you were into. I have to admit that that’s where my eyes fell when looking at other people’s answers, because it’s all very well liking the same shows, but someone might well be into a ship that I have zero interest in/am opposed to/don’t see. Ahem.

But I did wonder how I’d accurately represent the ships I’m into at the moment. What follows is an attempt. )
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[personal profile] purple_cube asked for my fannish timeline over the past ten years - which fandom I most associate with each year etc.

Picking one fandom for some years was really hard, because it turns out I’ve always been multifannish, which the nature of livejournal encouraged. But here goes!

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(I do intend to post about stuff that I've been watching - Revenge, The Bletchley Circle and some of The Autobiography of Jane Eyre - but today is not that day.)

On 4th Feb it will be ten years since I started posting on livejournal. (TEN YEARS!?)

Give me a fandom-related topic and, between now and then, I'll ramble about it. The length of my rambling will probably depend on the subject.

Or give me a prompt and I will write at least a drabble and post it between now and then.

All fandoms or pairings I’ve written for, except Dark Angel, are fair game, although if I’ve written just one thing for a fandom, that’s probably all I’ve got to say about it – unless you’d like me to try a SPACE!AU. But feel free to suggest something you think I’m likely to write because I’ve rambled a lot about the characters/pairing/fandom).
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This week, I decided to treat myself and buy more Livejournal icons, but after immediately bringing back a bunch of old ones I missed, I have a few gaps to fill. I’m umming and ahhing over resuscitating one or two further ones, but I also don’t want to have placeholders that I’ll replace when shows like Downton Abbey come back.

However, I desperately want an icon/icons of people from something that I love being happy/amused/laughing. Since I started watching it, I’ve wished there were more The Mindy Project icons out there to pick from. I don’t understand why there are so few: it’s a colourful show with far from ugly people pulling funny faces. I know it hasn’t been massive in fandom, but still.

Anyway, if anyone would like to rec icon makers who they love, please do so!

I caught up on the penultimate episode of Top of the Lake on Friday, but last night sat down to watch Glorious 39 on DVD, mistimed it and didn’t watch the final episode of TotL. I will watch it when I get the time and nerve (I’m more worried about being spoiled offline) and post about both episodes.

As for Glorious 39

spoilers, six degrees of British actors, shallowness )
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I've been away over the weekend, which meant very little control over the TV, so I have to catch up on a few shows. I read books instead, one of which was Sorcery and Cecilia or the Enchanted Chocolate Pot by Patricia C. Wrede and Caroline Stevermer, which I expect most people on my friends list will have read. If you haven’t and you love Regencies (especially Georgette Heyer’s oeuvre) and fantasy, go get this. It’s a JOY.

The story is told via the correspondence of two cousins, Cecy and Kate – I don’t know why that wasn’t the title – who are capable young women with a gloriously supportive relationship. One of them goes to London for her first season, one of them stays at home. However, as becomes increasingly clear, they live in a Regency England where there are wizards and sorceresses, who are not quite the thing in respectable aunts’ eyes. Their nieces have slightly more open attitudes and could be quite helpful if certain people (men) didn’t treat them as if they were hen-witted and couldn’t deal with useful information.

Basically, it made me gurgle and smile, and the note at the end about how the story came about was the cherry on top.

Does anyone know of any good reason why I shouldn’t get a hold of the sequel Grand Tour?
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I've tidied up my friends list and my reading circle. Well, tried to, at any rate. If I've added you to my LJ flist, it's because I kept popping over to your journal to have a look at your entries :) If I've added you to my reading circle at DW, it's because I'm trying to make it more like my flist (which I still read first, but because of LJ's wobbles, I'm using Dreamwidth more and more these days, so it seemed wise.) If I've cut you from my flist, I doubt you'll be reading this, because you haven't posted for a while/I can't remember us interacting.

Enough procrastination! Housework.
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First, I have just realised that LJ notifications have been going to Spam, so I haven't been ignoring anyone. I suspect it's been going on for longer than the last month, but I've probably lost those notifications. Ugh. SORRY!

Secondly, Revenge 2.02 Read more... )

I then watched the Golden Globes until JLaw's winning speech, which was what I really wanted to see. The way she runs off her mouth is adorable. Via fuggirls her best quotes of 2012.

I keep wondering whether I should post my response to the awards season, but talk myself out of it. For one thing, I have yet to see Les Mis, Lincoln and Zero Dark Thirty, although I intend to, and I decided not to see The Master and Haneke is not my cup of tea. I also saw Argo and Silver Linings Playbook, but they didn't make my top films list - make of that what you will. Before this becomes the post I'm not going to make, I will say that I'm toying with liveblogging the BAFTAs.
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I am back home and unpacking while catching up around the wonkiness of LJ – so I will be continuing to crosspost in 2013 (in this case, manually?). Hope everyone is well and had good holidays.

There was so much TV that I didn’t watch over the holidays because I wasn’t in control of the remote or was able to catch up online. (For my own reference as much as anything: no Downton Abbey Christmas special, Castle, the new Miranda or the latest episode of The Mentalist.) Instead, I read a lot, watched Snow White and the Huntsman on DVD and started watching Community season 2 – yay! just as good, and the awesome animated! Musical!! Christmas episode was a joy. I also went to see Pitch Perfect and was pleasantly surprised by it and very entertained, and I dragged a family member to come and see The Hobbit (my second viewing and they enjoyed themselves too.)

Re what I did watch: The Mentalist 5.08 Red Sails in the Sunset Read more... )

I also watched all the Strictly and I'll be posting about that soon and doing memespam too, probably.
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It's been nearly a day now - I was reading stuff on livejournal at about this time yesterday morning and suddenly websites couldn't be displayed. At least I was able to c/p what I was working on somewhere else, but I am reminded of how central LJ still is to how I do fandom. (And did the last bit of feedback that I sent get through, I wonder.) Well, if it continues, either I'll upload all the fic posted here to AO3 or write and finish some fic - Dreamwidth shows how little I've posted this year quite clearly.
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I wrote nine fics (11 if you include sub-drabble snippets and 12 if you count We just haven’t written you yet, which isn’t fanfiction exactly, but a piece about the possibility of fanfiction). Unsurprisingly, they were nearly all PG rated vignettes...Read more... )
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Hello, here I am! I've just uploaded some old icons to prove it.

To quote from my bio (which is adapted from my livejournal profile):

I'm a late twenty-something geek. And fan. I am profshallowness on lj, although shallowness has always been my pen-name for fic, but that was taken on lj. (Ha! Mine here). The prof came from the "profoundly" in my e-mail address (which might be floating about somewhere here.) So I answer to profshallowness, shallowness, profound shallowness and profoundly_shallow or abbreviations thereof.

What you'll (probably) find here: Fannish stuff, mostly about the telly, episode analysis/ranting/meta (British time-line usually, which means I'm probably too far behind to spoil you, but I try to avoid doing that) some posts on movies, my fanfic, occasional rec posts, meta and the odd fannish meme.

Currently: I am busy with offline stuff.

Feel free to comment... I try to respond to all comments unless if I really have nothing to say, and I'll do my very best to respond to all feedback to fic, although I may not always be as quick as I'd like.

I'm still working out how I'll use dreamwidth, as is fandom, I daresay.

If this journal/blog were an UK film rating, it would probably be a 12A. I am an adult, I tend to assume I'm talking to other adults. I'll try to flag up anything I believe requires a certain level of maturity (eg fic I've written will always be rated).

I repeat, I'm not sure how I'll be using dreamwidth yet, but I am here. I did my profile lst night, but failed to put any 'ships in the interests section, so I'll be rectifying that in a second (which will be a fun exercise).

This was a good opportunity to dig up my introductory post on lj. Five years later, some of it still holds true, I like to think I have matured a little bit, though. I still love Farscape, movies, shipping...I'm still a geek and still a fan.


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