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Over the past few days, I've posted Dream Outfits NCIS: Los Angeles. PG. Nell Jones/Eric Beale. (358 words.) Summary: Dreams mean nothing. Set during early season 4.

This was originally meant to be the first part of a ‘five times Nell dreams about Eric’ fic, but I never got much further than this and the not great first line of the next section. When I started writing another Eric/Nell fic (ahem), I was reminded of this, typed it up, et voila. I envy Nell’s ability to find the Pi pyjamas I was envisaging.

I also posted Energy Conservation Push.
PG. Cassie/Nick. (727 words.) Summary: While worrying about her future, again, Cassie receives a piece of advice.

I wrote the first draft after seeing the prompt – as I said in the author's notes, of course I thought Push when I saw it !? I’m not one who wants babyfic for Cassie and Nick, for what I think are obvious reasons, although I do refer to Cassie’s mother issues. Anyway, the encounter got fleshed out a little in the redrafting. This is the first Push fic I've written in six years.

I rewatched Crazy, Stupid Love over the weekend. Five-ish things.

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NCIS: LA 4.9 The Gold Standard

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I've also posted a couple of ficlets: ce matin, ce soir, hier soir The Musketeers (BBC), Teen, Aramis/Anne. Written for the prompt ‘The Musketeers (BBC), Aramis + any woman, Consent’; and An unexpected fit Fairy Tales (Cinderella), Universal. King, Queen, Cinderella, Prince. Cinderella/Prince. Written for the prompt ‘Fairy Tales, Cinderella/Prince, King & Queen POV - "This is the girl who fits the slipper!"’

I forgot to mention that both were prompts from [ profile] comment_fic. They were both drafted in the week when the prompts appeared and subsequently edited. Form is important in both, the non-linear structure of the The Musketeers fic and the alternating POV in the Cinderella ficlet. The latter is set in a conglomeration of various versions of the fairy tale as opposed to one. I am thinking about posting the WIP meme, but I don't want to jinx the writing that is currently going on.
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I posted a ficlet yesterday: I Like The Way You Move, MCU, Thor/Jane you suck at dancing but you’re doing it in the middle of a bookstore to the crappy music on the radio and I think it’s pretty damn cute au.

I started drafting a fill (the prompt is the summary) last autumn when I saw it, and it sat there for months. I really went at it this month and came up with a title and a way of ending it. This was done entirely on the laptop. I’m not happy about the probable lack of Thor/Jane in Thor: Ragnarok, hence the fluff - inasmuch as I need an excuse to write fluff. Some feelings about bookshops may have crept in also.

Marvel thing no. 2 is Spider-Man Homecoming. Look, I wasn’t excited about this film; I was planning on going and seeing it, yes, but not in any desperate hurry to do so, because I was around for the two previous cinematic iterations, and while I intellectually get why Marvel were so excited to get their biggest superhero into the MCU (which the title encompasses. although it’s not an aggressively meta film by a comic book superhero movie in 2017 standards), I am getting older and more grumpily distant from Peter Parker and the preteen boys who probably love Spidey the most.

But, this weekend, the other option was Dunkirk, which I do want to see, but it’s an intense war movie. So I chose the lighter fare, aware that this has had decent reviews. And as it also has MCU developments and I wanted to give it a thumbs up, here’s my review.

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As for the end credits scene – mild spoilers ) Otherwise, major spoilers )
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At the start of the week, it was twenty years since ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ was first published. After an initial ‘eek’ at that, even though I was fine with realising OK Computer is twenty years old also, it’s been interesting to read about how people have grown up with the series, and with it being such a phenomenon it doesn’t feel overblown to say that or to think about it’s influence in shaping social attitudes. There was the issue of the series getting a generation to read. There are people who read the series for whom it wasn’t a gateway drug to other books, for example, although I hope it got more people into reading more widely than would otherwise have happened, and it’s certainly a factor in the explosion of geek culture and the rise of the fantastic.

As for me, Read more... )
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On Tuesday I posted my first new fic of the year and the first one for six months: Extreme Action, a Sky High, Layla/Warren futurefic. It was first drafted in July 2015, which wasn’t a wonderful time for me. Having a title that would suit an early 90s action flick better than a fluffy tropefic appealed to me, apparently. Anyway, a couple of months ago, as I was doing looking through some drafts, I found that this one didn’t need much work – usually I have stalled before coming up with an ending. In the editing process, it passed the thousand word mark, et voila.

For completeness on Livejournal: this spring, I’ve also reposted the following fics at Dreamwidth and A03. Read more... )
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Because I haven't been navel-gazey enough about my DVD watching habits of late.

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I posted three ficlets on Sunday:

Paterfamilias, Scorpion, U, Cabe Gallo & ensemble.
Summary: Cabe Gallo has three sons, two daughters and one grandson who he isn’t related to and never officially adopted.

It’s All About the Chemistry, Sky High, PG, Warren Peace, Layla Williams, Boomer, Medulla (Layla/Warren, canonical relationships)
Summary: Layla Williams doesn’t attend her school reunion with Will or Larry.

A Long Time Coming, Marvel Cinematic Universe RPF, U, OCs and A-listers.
Summary: Welcome to the red carpet for the premiere of the long-awaited Black Widow movie!

Apart from all being fills for comment-fic prompts, they’re all future fics. Two are new departures fandom-wise – this is the first time I’ve written RPF! Obviously, I expect every word I wrote about a Black Widow movie to come true! This is also the first Scorpion fic I’ve written. I drafted it back in the spring when I first saw the prompt, but was hesitant to post even this ficlet because I haven’t seen the first season and a half. Returning to it last week, I decided I could live with that.

I also drafted a fill for the ‘any high school couple, are they still together at the 10-year high school reunion fic?’ prompt back in the spring, which obviously had to be about Sky High, and left it unfinished, wondering if perhaps I could expand it, but after some polishing decided to post it as was.

I saw the ‘red carpet’ prompt on Saturday, so it's not just a case of polishing and posting old drafts.

There is some Pacific Rim 2 casting news. here.

Feelings. Spoilers. )

I am cheered, though, by today's news about Channing Tatum potentially playing a spoiler ).

On writing

Jul. 3rd, 2016 08:57 am
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So, that was a crammed week for me, it turns out. I posted a ficlet last Sunday: Codename: SNAPDRAGON, which features Susan Cooper/Rick Ford from Spy. I didn’t expect to write in that fandom, yet Susan’s journey pinged me hard, Ford is gloriously ridiculous and the prompt hooked me. It is probably the tamest fic written for the film, ever. I first drafted it in May, a few days after the prompt appeared, and then kept waiting for a Sunday, which is the comment-fic day for posting fills for previously unfilled prompts, when it was convenient to post.

A week and a half or more after I saw it on the f’list, the AO3 writing meme.

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I posted Fancy Hotel, a Person of Interest/The Night Manager ficlet. Zoe and John were the focus of the prompt and remain the focus of the fic, but I had TNM on my mind and it was the spark for me. I wish I could have come up with a better title, but at least I managed a summary.

I caught up with B99 3.14 Karen Peralta

Itsy-Bitsy Spider )

Of course, I’m now behind again because I chose to watch Scorpion (post to come).

I went to see a double-bill of films yesterday for the first time in ages. First was Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Yes, I know. One word review: ponderous.

more words ) There were lots of problems, but I’ll focus on the most relevant one, which is that you’ve seen the trailer(s), and who hasn't given the promo push, most of the film will not come as a surpise.

And before this film a new-to-me Captain America: Civil War trailer aired and I think that contained a major development that made me clap my hands to my mouth in disbelief that they’d show that now. What is wrong with the people behind cutting these trailers? Stick to the first third, show glimpses of the main characters, give a flavour of the mood...people are going to go see films featuring Captain America, Iron Man, Batman and Superman!

Having said that, The Lego Batman Movie trailer filled me with glee.

What I wasn’t spoiled for in BvS:DoJ was Read more... ) Roll on the Wonder Woman solo movie, which seems like the only thing DC is doing that Marvel seems to need to worry about.

The second film I saw was Eddie the Eagle, which is thoroughly entertaining. It has also had a huge promo push in the UK, and benefits from being a sporting underdog dramedy based on a true story that I'm about old enough to remember, but I don't think they used the last third in the promo material.

Finally, I've caught up on Parks and Rec


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Apr. 3rd, 2015 02:48 pm
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I posted a The Mentalist ficlet yesterday, Cleaning-up duty, a coda to ‘Little Yellow House’ focusing on...Wylie and his feelings for Vega and his work. (In researching for it, I realised that his first name is Jason, which hadn’t registered before. But The Mentalist is such a surname show.) Yes, it’s another male POV The Mentalist ficlet – I have mixed feelings about that. I moved on from surprise that I could/wanted to write about The Mentalist to expecting I'd produce more post-episode codas, mainly driven by a need for more making out between Lisbon and Jane. Well, that didn’t exactly happen, but I have been writing fic (in other fandoms) more over the past week.

Most of my time is not my own this Easter, though. I don’t expect to catch any of my shows live.

But what did I do last night? I succumbed and rewatched Poldark episode 4, which means I’ve watched some scenes three times. THREE TIMES. Further rambling, mainly about Ross/Demelza )
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I posted nine fics this year, five were ficlets, but four passed the thousand-word mark, which is a lot for me. The only fandom I wrote more than once in was Downton Abbey, (ha!) most were obscure fandoms, or old or featured less popular pairings – this was brought home to me by writing a vignette in the MCU (it had three times the number of hits on AO3 of any other fic I wrote this year.) Six of these fics were based on prompts, mainly from lj's comment_fic. Six were het pairings, and I’d say I ship four of those pariting strongly, while the other two are canonical, and the other three fics were gen.

nine )
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Comment here if you want to play, and I will give you three-six couples that I associate with you, and you make an entry in your journal talking about those couples and fics that you wish the universe would write for you.

Three hundred years ago, approximately, helsinkibaby gave me John/Aeryn (Farscape), Lisbon/Jane (The Mentalist) and Wallace/Mac (Veronica Mars)

John/Aeryn (Farscape) – I rewatched the first episode of Farscape recently and obsessed about John and Aeryn’s first meeting here. John/Aeryn are one of my ultimate OTPs, basically.

Rygel: Wormholes, Aeryn, Earth, Aeryn, Scorpius, Aeryn. I'm out of fingers. Want me to keep counting on hers? )


I don’t want to get into too much spoilery detail, so this will be vaguer and shorter.

Lisbon: If you're right, and I'm not saying you are, it would mean I broke the trust of somebody I trust and respect for your sake. If it is true, I would hope in the future you would be a little more mature and responsible in your behavior. Jane: I'm grateful and all, but let's not go crazy here. )


This is because of the movie.

WALLACE (speaking of himself and Mac to Veronica): This is our gift to you. )

(Quotes from Wikiquote and Ranker).
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Den of Geek has two articles up about stuff I've been thinking about.

Where are the female leads in UK geek TV by Andrew Blair, which is somewhat inspired by Atlantis and the still-not-gone-away discussion about the new iteration of the Doctor. I think the feature focuses a little too much on Dr Who, even though I get that that's THE flagship UK SFF show and therefore has the most influence, but it allowed the broader points and questions to get hijacked by that debate about whether the Doctor should be a woman - for proof, I submit the comments.

Downton Abbey, Shock and Responsibility (original title as can be seen on the link is spoilery for series 4, episode 3) about the spoiler and fans/viewers' response to it. You can see an example of said respnse at the lj Downton Abbey com here, where I haven't commented, because I think I watch the show differently to most of the fandom. Anyway, the article by Lousia Mellor ends up where I am, saying wait and see how they handle the fall-out.

It does raise a point that reminds me that I want to discuss spoilers ), but it would take a lot of time that I don't have to draft something coherent, that says what I want to say. But it occured to me that if spoiler )
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Yesterday, I finally posted all the fic that I’d posted to Dreamwidth to Archive Of Our Own. Yay! It only took me years to do so. If I were going to archive my fic elsewhere, I might not be as determined to post everything there. This still means that I need to repost fic that was only posted at lj and (and Geocities, it’s that old) to both DW and AO3. It will probably also take ages, but I’ll warn if I get a burst of energy and start spamming.

For now, here are some links that I found interesting, most of which are Internet old. Georgette Heyer quote icons; The Hour meta; The Lizzie Bennet Diaries pics; Much Ado about Nothing interview; Pacific Rim meta; Paradox talk and a list about the awesomeness of Farscape. )
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I give you four tropes I love:

The perfect gift. Read more... )

Amnesia.Read more... )

AU.Read more... )

Fake relationship/Pretending to be a couple.Read more... )

Generally though, I have a lot of tolerance for tropefic and for the use of clichés in genre shows in particular, which can include subversion
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A meme, via [personal profile] redbrunja

OTPs, BroTPs and NO!TPS )

And if you've ever wanted to ask me a question about shipping, have at it. I'll try my best to answer.


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