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This is where you can quickly find the fanfiction that I have posted here, by fandom, and then alphabetically according to title. This index is a work in progress!

Agents of SHIELD )

Alias )

Arthurian legend )

The Autobiography of Jane Eyre )

Batverse )

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Into the Woods (2014) )

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Lawless )

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The Lone Pine mysteries )

Lord of the Rings )

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Men in Black 3 )

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Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium )

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NCIS: Los Angeles )

The OC )

Ondine )

Push )

Revenge )


The Scapegoat )

Scorpion )

Sky High )

Smallville )

Spy (2015) )

Step Up 2 )

Swallows and Amazons )

Top of the Lake )

Veronica Mars )

Wire in the Blood )

X-Men Movieverse )

Also, Fairy Tale fic can be found here and original fic can be found here.
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Over the past few days, I've posted Dream Outfits NCIS: Los Angeles. PG. Nell Jones/Eric Beale. (358 words.) Summary: Dreams mean nothing. Set during early season 4.

This was originally meant to be the first part of a ‘five times Nell dreams about Eric’ fic, but I never got much further than this and the not great first line of the next section. When I started writing another Eric/Nell fic (ahem), I was reminded of this, typed it up, et voila. I envy Nell’s ability to find the Pi pyjamas I was envisaging.

I also posted Energy Conservation Push.
PG. Cassie/Nick. (727 words.) Summary: While worrying about her future, again, Cassie receives a piece of advice.

I wrote the first draft after seeing the prompt – as I said in the author's notes, of course I thought Push when I saw it !? I’m not one who wants babyfic for Cassie and Nick, for what I think are obvious reasons, although I do refer to Cassie’s mother issues. Anyway, the encounter got fleshed out a little in the redrafting. This is the first Push fic I've written in six years.

I rewatched Crazy, Stupid Love over the weekend. Five-ish things.

Read more... )
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NCIS: LA 4.9 The Gold Standard

Read more... )

I've also posted a couple of ficlets: ce matin, ce soir, hier soir The Musketeers (BBC), Teen, Aramis/Anne. Written for the prompt ‘The Musketeers (BBC), Aramis + any woman, Consent’; and An unexpected fit Fairy Tales (Cinderella), Universal. King, Queen, Cinderella, Prince. Cinderella/Prince. Written for the prompt ‘Fairy Tales, Cinderella/Prince, King & Queen POV - "This is the girl who fits the slipper!"’

I forgot to mention that both were prompts from [ profile] comment_fic. They were both drafted in the week when the prompts appeared and subsequently edited. Form is important in both, the non-linear structure of the The Musketeers fic and the alternating POV in the Cinderella ficlet. The latter is set in a conglomeration of various versions of the fairy tale as opposed to one. I am thinking about posting the WIP meme, but I don't want to jinx the writing that is currently going on.
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I posted a ficlet yesterday: I Like The Way You Move, MCU, Thor/Jane you suck at dancing but you’re doing it in the middle of a bookstore to the crappy music on the radio and I think it’s pretty damn cute au.

I started drafting a fill (the prompt is the summary) last autumn when I saw it, and it sat there for months. I really went at it this month and came up with a title and a way of ending it. This was done entirely on the laptop. I’m not happy about the probable lack of Thor/Jane in Thor: Ragnarok, hence the fluff - inasmuch as I need an excuse to write fluff. Some feelings about bookshops may have crept in also.

Marvel thing no. 2 is Spider-Man Homecoming. Look, I wasn’t excited about this film; I was planning on going and seeing it, yes, but not in any desperate hurry to do so, because I was around for the two previous cinematic iterations, and while I intellectually get why Marvel were so excited to get their biggest superhero into the MCU (which the title encompasses. although it’s not an aggressively meta film by a comic book superhero movie in 2017 standards), I am getting older and more grumpily distant from Peter Parker and the preteen boys who probably love Spidey the most.

But, this weekend, the other option was Dunkirk, which I do want to see, but it’s an intense war movie. So I chose the lighter fare, aware that this has had decent reviews. And as it also has MCU developments and I wanted to give it a thumbs up, here’s my review.

Read more... )

As for the end credits scene – mild spoilers ) Otherwise, major spoilers )
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At the start of the week, it was twenty years since ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ was first published. After an initial ‘eek’ at that, even though I was fine with realising OK Computer is twenty years old also, it’s been interesting to read about how people have grown up with the series, and with it being such a phenomenon it doesn’t feel overblown to say that or to think about it’s influence in shaping social attitudes. There was the issue of the series getting a generation to read. There are people who read the series for whom it wasn’t a gateway drug to other books, for example, although I hope it got more people into reading more widely than would otherwise have happened, and it’s certainly a factor in the explosion of geek culture and the rise of the fantastic.

As for me, Read more... )
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On Tuesday I posted my first new fic of the year and the first one for six months: Extreme Action, a Sky High, Layla/Warren futurefic. It was first drafted in July 2015, which wasn’t a wonderful time for me. Having a title that would suit an early 90s action flick better than a fluffy tropefic appealed to me, apparently. Anyway, a couple of months ago, as I was doing looking through some drafts, I found that this one didn’t need much work – usually I have stalled before coming up with an ending. In the editing process, it passed the thousand word mark, et voila.

For completeness on Livejournal: this spring, I’ve also reposted the following fics at Dreamwidth and A03. Read more... )

Mixed news

Jan. 28th, 2017 10:05 am
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For the first time (as far as I know) a fic of mine has been translated! Exciting, yes? It's Family Business an Ondine ficlet I wrote in 2011, and it has been translated into Family Business家庭事务 by liangdeyu. I don't speak or read Chinese, but you may, and even if you don't - it's so cool.

FWIW, my 'stance' on translation is that I'd prefer it if people asked for permission. I'll probably say yes, and hope you did more than put it through machine translation, but want a link to the final product for gloating purposes. I'm not going to chase after anyone who does it without asking, unless if they don't refer to me in any way and pass the idea of the fic off as their own. After all, it's fanfiction, but it'd be nice to be asked, because it's not quite the same thing as not asking film makers' or whoever's permission to transform it.

Less good was learning that John Hurt has passed away. I feel a little shocked, irrationally, because I watched him in Jackie the other day, in which he played a priest she opens up to (very well, of course).
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Yesterday, I posted:

Finding Harry Potter. Teen. Hannah/Neville (and various other pairings.) Summary: Hannah has to find Neville.

It was inspired by a [ profile] comment_fic prompt that has subsequently been deleted. I don’t know what the etiquette for that is, quite. Read more... )

Isn’t it great about Tatyana Maslany winning an Emmy? I couldn’t keep up with the Orphan Black and didn’t love it enough to buy the DVD, but her performances as the clones were thoroughly impressive.

Poldark 2.3

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I meant to be writing about Poldark this morning, but life interfered last night so I'll have to catch up on it along with Victoria tonight or tomorrow night.

On Saturday night, I posted The Sketch Harry Potter, Mature. Rolf Scamander/Luna Lovegood
Summary: Rolf is looking through the sketches his colleague Luna has been drawing and finds something very unprofessional. 917 words.

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Apparently some people find round-up posts like this obnoxious. May I suggest scrolling or not clicking? For my part, yes, it's self-promotion, just in case, but it's also a chance to write a little about the writing process or what the fics mean to me. Anyway, if you're interested, over the past week and a half I've reposted the following:

No friend to those with noses (Dark Angel) G. Joshua, Alec. 488 words.
First posted: Late December 2005. Summary: A smelly cat is no friend to those with noses; Joshua has a snout.

A clear view (Dark Angel) PG. Alec, Max, Mole, Dalton (Max/Alec implied). 880 words.
First posted: January 2006. Summary: Alec rescues Dalton, Max is furious at how he did it and Terminal City gets entertained for free.

Days, weeks, months and years (ER) PG. Haleh, Neela and Ray. First posted: February 2006. Two post ‘Dream House’ 12.06 drabbles.

Yesterday, I crossposted: Epicinium (Smallville) Teen. Lois, Chloe, Clark, Gabe, Lana. 2,682 words. Coda for 4.8 ‘Spell’.
Summary: The aftermath of the eighteenth birthday party that Lois and Chloe don’t remember.

Notes )

I don't know if I'll be able to continue reposting fic as regularly, although given that I'm only up to the start of 2006 and only started Dreamwidth in 2009, I don't want to stop again.
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This is not news if you read my Dreamwidth account as opposed to my LiveJournal one, but I managed to repost four fics last week, by which I mean posting the text to the original posts at lj and posting them for the first time at Dreamwidth and AO3 (and updating the versions on All four are from November/December 2005, two are Dark Angel fics and two are post-Serenity ficlets.

And you will know me by the trail of my asskicking (Dark Angel) R (for language and mature themes). Max/Alec. 2,385 words. First posted: November 2005 (lightly edited August 2016)
Summary: Alec is still haunted by Max. Bitch.

can't wash out the blue (Firefly) PG, OCs, River Tam. Drabble. First posted: November 2005.
Summary: a threat.

Untitled Mal/Kaylee kisslet (Firefly) PG, Mal Reynolds/Kaylee Fry, 227 words. First posted: November 2005. Summary: As per title.

Retrieval (Dark Angel) PG-13. Max/Alec, past Jondy/Alec, 3,103 words. First posted: December 2005.
Summary: Max didn't think; Alec is trying to protect himself. (Author's Notes: 'She Ain't Heavy' ended slightly differently. AU from that point on.)

thoughts )

And then I wrote a new ficlet.

What your mama can make you (Nashville) U. Juliette Barnes, Cadence Barkley, Avery Barkley, (background Juliette/Avery). 237 words.
Summary: Juliette writes a song for Cadence.

I saw the prompt at [ profile] comment_fic, wrote a draft, but because I hadn’t seen season 4, I felt I should do some research to avoid it being canon-fodder, which I was able to do on Sunday - I hope it's all right on that front. I blame the prompt for making me thinkof the show.

I've also been working a little on some of my WIPs. Before returning to reposting, I hope to get around to posting about other stuff.
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I posted three ficlets on Sunday:

Paterfamilias, Scorpion, U, Cabe Gallo & ensemble.
Summary: Cabe Gallo has three sons, two daughters and one grandson who he isn’t related to and never officially adopted.

It’s All About the Chemistry, Sky High, PG, Warren Peace, Layla Williams, Boomer, Medulla (Layla/Warren, canonical relationships)
Summary: Layla Williams doesn’t attend her school reunion with Will or Larry.

A Long Time Coming, Marvel Cinematic Universe RPF, U, OCs and A-listers.
Summary: Welcome to the red carpet for the premiere of the long-awaited Black Widow movie!

Apart from all being fills for comment-fic prompts, they’re all future fics. Two are new departures fandom-wise – this is the first time I’ve written RPF! Obviously, I expect every word I wrote about a Black Widow movie to come true! This is also the first Scorpion fic I’ve written. I drafted it back in the spring when I first saw the prompt, but was hesitant to post even this ficlet because I haven’t seen the first season and a half. Returning to it last week, I decided I could live with that.

I also drafted a fill for the ‘any high school couple, are they still together at the 10-year high school reunion fic?’ prompt back in the spring, which obviously had to be about Sky High, and left it unfinished, wondering if perhaps I could expand it, but after some polishing decided to post it as was.

I saw the ‘red carpet’ prompt on Saturday, so it's not just a case of polishing and posting old drafts.

There is some Pacific Rim 2 casting news. here.

Feelings. Spoilers. )

I am cheered, though, by today's news about Channing Tatum potentially playing a spoiler ).
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I posted a ficlet yesterday: Just a thought (Agents of SHIELD, Bobbi, Fitz and Hunter, ”Don’t press the red button!” set in early season 3). Apparently I am only capable of filling [ profile] comment_fic prompts these days.

Weekend TV included Parks and Rec, Moving Up part 1 (for some reason, Dave didn’t do a double bill)

Read more... )

The Musketeers 3.7

Read more... )

On writing

Jul. 3rd, 2016 08:57 am
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So, that was a crammed week for me, it turns out. I posted a ficlet last Sunday: Codename: SNAPDRAGON, which features Susan Cooper/Rick Ford from Spy. I didn’t expect to write in that fandom, yet Susan’s journey pinged me hard, Ford is gloriously ridiculous and the prompt hooked me. It is probably the tamest fic written for the film, ever. I first drafted it in May, a few days after the prompt appeared, and then kept waiting for a Sunday, which is the comment-fic day for posting fills for previously unfilled prompts, when it was convenient to post.

A week and a half or more after I saw it on the f’list, the AO3 writing meme.

Not very surprising )
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I published two (three sentence) ficlets on Tuesday, both gen, focused on two female characters I hadn’t written before. They were originally posted at [ profile] 3sentencesfic at the end of March. I’d hoped to write more ficlets for it, but I didn’t manage it. (However, I’ve just seen an intriguing meme...)

Bear, Woken (HP, Minerva McGonagall universal) and Perseverance AOS, Jemma Simmons, teen? Spoilers for 3.05.

Moving on to TV I caught up on or watched a few days ago, but haven’t had time to post about, and starting aptly with Agents of SHIELD 3.12 Inside Man

Read more... )

Underground episode 1

Read more... )

I will keep watching to see where this goes, even though it’s in the same slot as Agents of SHIELD and, now, Home Fires.

Gotham 2.12 Mr Freeze

Read more... )

Finally for now, I saw Zootropolis (can someone explain why the title was changed from Zootopia in the UK?) which was very entertaining. Judy Hopps, ILU. It features 'bunny saves fox'. I hope there are sequels - there's plenty of potential in the world they've created and the characters that inhabit it - and I see that AO3 has hundreds of fics already.
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For [ profile] 3sentencefic I wrote

Bear, Woken
Harry Potter, McGonagall, She is a mother bear protecting her cubs.
204 words

Read more... )

any, any female character, keep on keeping on
Agents of SHIELD, Jemma Simmons, spoilers for 3.05, 164 words

Read more... )

I also prompted
Dredd, Judge Joseph Dredd/Cassandra Anderson, barriers by [personal profile] reeby10


Robin Hood, Maid Marian, SPACE AU, by [personal profile] syrena_of_the_lake (which is a bit more than three sentences).

I enjoyed both a lot.
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I posted Fancy Hotel, a Person of Interest/The Night Manager ficlet. Zoe and John were the focus of the prompt and remain the focus of the fic, but I had TNM on my mind and it was the spark for me. I wish I could have come up with a better title, but at least I managed a summary.

I caught up with B99 3.14 Karen Peralta

Itsy-Bitsy Spider )

Of course, I’m now behind again because I chose to watch Scorpion (post to come).

I went to see a double-bill of films yesterday for the first time in ages. First was Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Yes, I know. One word review: ponderous.

more words ) There were lots of problems, but I’ll focus on the most relevant one, which is that you’ve seen the trailer(s), and who hasn't given the promo push, most of the film will not come as a surpise.

And before this film a new-to-me Captain America: Civil War trailer aired and I think that contained a major development that made me clap my hands to my mouth in disbelief that they’d show that now. What is wrong with the people behind cutting these trailers? Stick to the first third, show glimpses of the main characters, give a flavour of the mood...people are going to go see films featuring Captain America, Iron Man, Batman and Superman!

Having said that, The Lego Batman Movie trailer filled me with glee.

What I wasn’t spoiled for in BvS:DoJ was Read more... ) Roll on the Wonder Woman solo movie, which seems like the only thing DC is doing that Marvel seems to need to worry about.

The second film I saw was Eddie the Eagle, which is thoroughly entertaining. It has also had a huge promo push in the UK, and benefits from being a sporting underdog dramedy based on a true story that I'm about old enough to remember, but I don't think they used the last third in the promo material.

Finally, I've caught up on Parks and Rec


Read more... )


Read more... )

all sorts

Jan. 22nd, 2016 08:51 pm
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I watched The National TV Awards on Wednesday night – I was in a weird mood. Also contains Downton spoilers )

Last night, I posted I appreciate your appreciation, an Andy/Daisy fic. In one way, I’m had put to explain why I wrote it of all things after the Christmas special as spoilers )

And now, let me make a public service announcement, because someone might as well profit from my bitter personal experience. Back your documents up now. Of course, I'm sure you have a better back-up system than the one I had been quite lax about.

Yes, last night after posting the fic, I suddenly has some difficulty saving stuff on my USB stick and then found a few documents were corrupted and my fiction files...were gone from it. If I had kept to my back-up schedule...but I might as well say ‘if I had a time-turner...’ So, I’ve been scrabbling to find out what I’ve lost and back-up what I’ve got. In a way, it’s a good job I wasn’t more productive with fic since Sepbtember, and there are a couple of things that were saved because I’d saved them elsewhere, but...aargh.

Brooklyn Nine Nine (season 3’s Halloween episode) managed to distract me from kicking myself.

Read more... )

To fill the second half of the slot, E4 repeated an old episode, which made sense, because I didn’t think we were so far behind that they could maintain airing two episodes a week. It was the second season opener, which made a nice background as I frantically tried to find and save what I could.
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I posted 10 fics to Archive of Our Own this year, all longer than drabbles. I had a flurry of writing X word ficlets and Three Sentence fics. That’s one more than last year! Most were ficlets, with two passing the thousand-word mark, both of which were gen. Things happened in my life this year that had a big bearing on my writing.

There was a huge flurry in April, partly because of Easter and partly because of what was going on in The Mentalist’s final season – I wrote more The Mentalist fic than any other fandom, and I’ve never written fic in the fandom before. A minority of these fics, less than I thought, were based on prompts.

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