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Jun. 22nd, 2017 06:48 pm
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I know everyone is linking to interesting Wonder Woman stuff, but if you haven't seen it, here's a list of heart-warming ways young children have responded to Wonder Woman via Digial Spy.

I meant to post this when reviewing Salazar's revenge, but here's an excellent [ profile] idol_reflection essay on (Captain) Jack Sparrow, based on the first three Pirates movies – worth reading the comments for a look at Jack as a trickster: Captain Jack Sparrow - A Legend in His Own Mind by The Stowaway.

And via [ profile] musesfool The Chrisening of Hollywood from Vanity Fair - an amusing take on the Four Chrises phenomenon here.
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I finally got to see it - it was a bit of a rush to get there because the people I was going with wanted to see it at an earlier showing than I'd first sugested. So, I arrived in the middle of the trailer for the Justice League movie feeling flustered, frankly.

My head and my heart aren’t entirely in accord about this film, all right? heart says yes, head says hmm )
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On Tuesday, in the middle of all the horrible news, it was announced that Joss Whedon will be taking over directing duties on Justice League from Zach Snyder for tragic reasons. Obviously, one hopes that this helps a grieving family heal.

Wonder Woman (please be good! Not that I saw the show or read the comics, but as a woman who goes to see comic book movies, we're due one about a superheroine that's good) is occupying my brain more. But apparently the news about the merchandise isn't great.

Anyway, I’m watching Smallville season 5 for the first time on DVD. (I’ve been spoiled for a few big things on the show over the years. And the next DVD boxset I will go through will be a better show, but I’m watching it with much nostalgia for my experiences of the fandom for the first year or two. Quick recap: CHLOE.)

The colour palate is very striking, coming off the greys of metal, glass, stone and shadows of Person of Interest. I’m also rewatching the Pirates of the Caribbean movies right now, which has the blues and greys of the sea and brown and black of the ships, so the warm, bright, sun-kissed hues of Smallville, where everyone’s outfits are colour-coded, jumped out at me.

spoilers up to 5.4 )
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I posted Fancy Hotel, a Person of Interest/The Night Manager ficlet. Zoe and John were the focus of the prompt and remain the focus of the fic, but I had TNM on my mind and it was the spark for me. I wish I could have come up with a better title, but at least I managed a summary.

I caught up with B99 3.14 Karen Peralta

Itsy-Bitsy Spider )

Of course, I’m now behind again because I chose to watch Scorpion (post to come).

I went to see a double-bill of films yesterday for the first time in ages. First was Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Yes, I know. One word review: ponderous.

more words ) There were lots of problems, but I’ll focus on the most relevant one, which is that you’ve seen the trailer(s), and who hasn't given the promo push, most of the film will not come as a surpise.

And before this film a new-to-me Captain America: Civil War trailer aired and I think that contained a major development that made me clap my hands to my mouth in disbelief that they’d show that now. What is wrong with the people behind cutting these trailers? Stick to the first third, show glimpses of the main characters, give a flavour of the mood...people are going to go see films featuring Captain America, Iron Man, Batman and Superman!

Having said that, The Lego Batman Movie trailer filled me with glee.

What I wasn’t spoiled for in BvS:DoJ was Read more... ) Roll on the Wonder Woman solo movie, which seems like the only thing DC is doing that Marvel seems to need to worry about.

The second film I saw was Eddie the Eagle, which is thoroughly entertaining. It has also had a huge promo push in the UK, and benefits from being a sporting underdog dramedy based on a true story that I'm about old enough to remember, but I don't think they used the last third in the promo material.

Finally, I've caught up on Parks and Rec


Read more... )


Read more... )


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