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I'm a thirtysomething geek. And fan. I am profshallowness on lj, although shallowness has always been my pen-name for fic, but that was taken on lj. (Ha! Mine here). The prof came from the "profoundly" in my e-mail address (which is floating about somewhere here.) So I answer to profshallowness, shallowness, profound shallowness and profoundly_shallow or abbreviations thereof.

I'm currently: Watching season 5 on Smallville on DVD. Watching autumnal British dramas and cop shows, plus going to the cinema a lot. Slowly reposting old fic to my Dreamwidth and AO3 accouns. I'm reading fic in myriad fandoms. Occasionally, I might write fic, which could feature a Harry Potter rare pair or be gen from some very random fandom.

Since late winter 2012, I've been hoping my posts cross-post to LJ.

I am going to try to repost all my fic here, as my geocities website is long gone. Most of it can be found at, rather less of it on AO3.

Feel free to comment... I try to respond to all comments unless if I really have nothing to say, and I'll do my very best to respond to all feedback to fic, although I may not always be as quick as I'd like.

If this journal/blog were an UK film rating, it would probably be a 12A. I am an adult, I tend to assume I'm talking to other adults. I'll try to flag up anything I believe requires a certain level of maturity (eg fic I've written will be rated).
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