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For [ profile] 3sentencefic I wrote

Bear, Woken
Harry Potter, McGonagall, She is a mother bear protecting her cubs.
204 words

Minerva’s patronus and her animagus forms are feline, always were, from the first time she cast the spells that now come so easily to her and she had no litter, bore no bairns of her own when it was possible. Now Tom Riddle may think he is the most important wizard ever to stride the corridors of Hogwarts and that he can return here to triumph, but Minerva has been in a good many Sorting Ceremonies and seen childish faces full of trepidation or hope walk towards the Hat after their names were called, she's seen the big, toothy grins as 'Gryffindor' or 'Hufflepuff' have rung out, the faint looks of doubt at other times, she has seen hundreds of children go to a table stacked with food, surrounded by older students there to let them know that it is now their table and that one day they will grow tall, their heads a little fuller of magical lore, the ones welcoming new students to their midst - and Voldermort means to stop all that by the foulest of means, does he? The mother bear in Minerva's breast rouses, and she casts the first of many protective spells, until the time comes for attack.

any, any female character, keep on keeping on
Agents of SHIELD, Jemma Simmons, spoilers for 3.05, 164 words

“I’m so thirsty,” someone complains in the lab, and Jemma wants to be snide and snap ‘No, you’re not,’ because it can’t be that long since they guzzled something down and there are water coolers, coffee machines and fridges aplenty around. Thirsty is wandering for days on a desert planet that’s a cruel blue when you’d always associated the colour with water, and you don’t know if any liquid that you’ll find will be safe to drink, but you do know that if you find anything, you would drink it with mouth gaping wide, even if it was a figment of your desperate imagination, rather than dry out as you’re slowly doing.

Jemma takes a deep breath, and reminds herself of where she is, the bright lights of the lab and the mechanical noises of the lab grounding her, whereas a few weeks ago, it was all too much; and she says quite loudly, “I’m going to make some tea if anyone fancies some.”

I also prompted
Dredd, Judge Joseph Dredd/Cassandra Anderson, barriers by [personal profile] reeby10


Robin Hood, Maid Marian, SPACE AU, by [personal profile] syrena_of_the_lake (which is a bit more than three sentences).

I enjoyed both a lot.


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