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So, it turns out I got a few pro names wrong in last week’s results show.

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Electric Dreams – Crazy Diamond

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I have seen Blade Runner 2049, and it’s stayed with me – it looks amazing, works well as a sequel (confession: I’ve only seen the original once, and it was a version that strongly suggested that you know who was a you know what). It didn't feel too long, despite the length. I liked that there wasn’t just the one woman in it (although I rolled my eyes at certain aspects ) and wondered what the film would be like if the main character was a woman, although I'm generally glad Ryan Gosling is gainfully employed). However, I do acknowledge this spoilery criticism from Digital Spy Can we talk about Blade Runner 2049's problem with women? It raises something I hadn’t thought of, the closing point that it was made by men is very valid.

Strictly Week 3/Movie night results

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NCIS: 4.16 Lohkay

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I am only caught up on Victoria 2.3 Warp and Weft

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Normally, I don’t feel the need to address that this is a fannish space, it just is, and I rarely comment on non-fannish stuff. But the news was horrible (and I have a real grown-up problem to contend with at some point, but that feels like privileged whining.) So I went back and forth on whether to even mention it last night and posted nothing. Below, then, fannish stuff, as per usual.

I posted some fanfic at the end of last week. the moon’s daughter (Gotham, Selina/Bruce futurefic, PG). Although other iterations of Catwoman informed the fic, I wanted the backstory Gotham offers for this fic. Why have they stopped airing Gotham in the UK, by the way? I didn’t know if the two different halves melded together until I found what I think is a nice bridge for them. I was too lazy/precious to make it a triple drabble.

I also wrote Tri ci bach (BtVS, Anya/Giles, post s6, PG) which I admit is self-indulgent and a bit revealing. In both cases, it has been lovely to get feedback.

Both fics were written when I should have been working on the ending of a much longer fic. Ahem.

I was toying with dropping Electric Dreams, but then I realised Tuppence Middleton was in The Commuter, so I stuck with it, and I’m glad I did. Read more... )

As for the Strictly results...

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I saw ITT, though, and Read more... ) I am trying to withstand the excited build-up to Movie Night, but then again, I should probably just embrace it. If there is no nod to La La Land, I don’t know my Strictly.
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Tri ci bach. Buffy the Vampire Slayer. PG.
Anya Jenkins/Rupert Giles
Summary: Anya sees some cute puppies for sale.
669 words. Set after season 6. The title can be translated as ‘three puppies’. Written for the prompt ‘Buffyverse/Ats, Any female character, Finding a Cwn Annwn puppy’ at [ profile] comment_fic.

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the moon’s daughter. Gotham. PG
Selina Kyle/Bruce Wayne
Summary: she is the moon’s daughter
299 words. PG. Futurefic (I’ve only seen the first two seasons.) Written for the prompt ‘Any, any, moon’ at [ profile] comment_fic

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(Huh, they haven’t been showing all the episodes in the order Wikipedia lists them in.)

4.15 History

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Gave Electric Dreams, The Impossible Planet a try. Out of the cut: stupid episode. Under the cut: spoilers and rationale. )
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4.13 The Chosen One (insert Buffy joke now – like, Hetty would be the Watcher, Eric and Nell would do magic, and the other three would be warriors. Sorry, that was exacerbated by my being in the middle of reading a BtVS fic.)

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I have heard a couple of LL Cool J songs of late, and have to admit that both times I burst out laughing (I’m not one for hip hop except for old, goofy classics and Dessa. Mainly I am ‘ugh, stop talking over the nice music.) It’s just the mental dissonance.
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In the meantime, when is the next book going to be published???
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I was going to wait until I was caught up with Victoria to post these, but have changed my mind, as it might become an epic, epic post by the time I did catch up. After the reviews, I am not feeling enthused about going to see Victoria and Abdul (or American Assassin either, even though there was a catnippy helicopter in the trailer).

Victoria 2.1

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Victoria 2.2 The Green-Eyed Monster

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