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Well after anyone else I have started watching NCIS: LA. It’s not hard, along with all versions of CSI, Law & Order and the Chicago shows, Five/Five USA shows all the NCISs too. I avoided NCIS because of Michael Weatherly, tbh, and did not realise that they go undercover a lot in the spin-off. A LOT.

Chris O’Donnell is, as always, pretty. Kensi’s tough tomboy agent who is also a girl is irresistible and ever since I saw them pretend to be married, I am open to shipping her and Deeks. Certainly, they bring all the f-m partnership feelings – they bicker like brats but they’ve got each other’s backs! And it is saturated by the team of it all. But the show’s not-so-stealth weapon is Hetty. I love Hetty around the team she's responsible for, especially what I’ve seen of her relationship with fellow shortie Nell, but most of all with Callen. The affection between those two is killing me. IT IS KRYPTONITE.

I’ve been catching season 2 episodes on the one channel and season 3 episodes on another. (I was really, really pleased that Nell had made it to the main credits’ visuals by then.) It's also the kind of show you don't have to follow too closely, just to grasp the main reason why they're going undercover/having a shoot-out/car chase. I also don't care if I watch it in order, and am somewhat spoiled, but a little confused as a result.

Agents of SHIELD 4.18 No Regrets

Slowish beginning? I thought they were a little too heavy-handed about how having his father in his life had made Leo evil – the conundrum for Jemma and Daisy. But then I thought they’d cast someone who believably looked like he could have spawned Leo, even if, to my ear, he sounded like he came from another part of Scotland. I tended to think that the woman problem was the woman who’d screamed at him, the one Skye/Daisy claimed he loved, as much as the woman with Ophelia’s face that HE’D KILLED. And I was giving Fitz's Dad the side-eye for shipping Fitz/OpheliAIDA. So, I have clearly been brainwashed by the FitzSimmons.

I agreed with Coulson that Simmons should tell Mace, except probably not the way she did. Well, Mace got his heroic out. He'd always been high on the expendable list.

Where he was good was in waking up good little soldier May. Of course, they’d planted the doubts early, but she was genuinely shocked at the sight of kids in a building her superiors decided to bomb (because, yes, that is abhorrent. OH, FITZ. So much self-loathing trauma coming your way, babe.) And then there was the whole issue with whether ‘The Patriot’ was misrepresented as a blackhat. Amped up May was growly fun, but it was a shame that an early shot in their fight of a hit to Mace’s head clearly did not connect, so I spent most of it playing ‘stuntwoman/actress’. Of course, in between that and Mace’s heroic death (so much self-loathing trauma coming your way too, babe), we had a very nice Coulson-May moment, where he ordered her to snap out of it and help instead of pointing her gin at Mace. Now, he probably doesn't remember her, given that all he has is a belief in what Simmons and Daisy have told him and bad vibes about Ward, but that was nice.

Actually, I continue to appreciate the way that they’re developing Coulson in the framework. He’s got a lot of the dorky humour, as well as responding to his part in HYDRA's oppression, while showing off a lot of unthinking competence as a resistance fighter, and there was a feeling of earned respect from Mace as he took over the mantle of command. See also Mack’s transferable skills.

I felt for Jemma finding out about Mack’s Hope and how hard and horrible it’s going to be to try to separate them. I enjoyed that she was around Ward, being rude to him, while he’s puzzled by her. For one thing, I always thought the actors sparked off each other well, but all that is between this Ward and Simmons and her and the Grant Ward, Hive and how this Grant Ward isn't quite that is a lot of fun to play with. Framework!Ward’s apologies for the mass killings felt like he didn’t grasp that that had happened to her.

And then Tripp turned up! And hey, why not bring back pretty Lincoln as OpheliAIDA suggested seeing as this is the place where NO-ONE IS DEAD!? I truly think the writers were worried about cancellation when they conceived much of this. I wonder if they will deal with the fact that Tripp fancied Simmons until it petered out and then there was maybe something between him and Skye before Mack kind of took his place. They need to give us something beyond his turning up and having ancient gadgets.

Hannah was good as a distraught Radcliffe, but if HYDRA’s security is so bad that he could tell Daisy about the back door through an air vent without being spotted, as it currently appears it is…Madam HYDRA deserves to be brought down. OpheliAIDA came out the worst of her conversation with a battered but defiant Daisy, even if she didn’t fully realise it. I’m presuming that she unplugged her consciousness from the Framework to turn off Mace’s life support, but I'd still welcome clarification on that.

But anyway, the May-Daisy episode tag was satisfying on many levels and Daisy’s little smile was very cool.
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