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B99 - As I think I said, I was watching the show a few weeks ago, got interrupted and it's taken me a while to get round to starting to catch up.

4.18 Chasing Amy

I’d seen most of this before, but it was all funny the second time: watching Amy be so stressed she did a Rosa on the microwave, watching Jake’s smugness about sorting out her issues with the test dissipate when she did a bunk, and the role playing of Amy, with love. And her freak out made sense, because I’d been idly wondering what her becoming a sergeant would mean for her, Jake and the team.

Jeffords vs. Holt over the toy trains was also fun, as Holt got drier and drier. I particularly liked the phone call to an unimpressed Kevin. Gina’s horrifying involvement with the Boyles continues.

Nice call-backs to the space heater, the Jake/Amy clip from way back when and tying off with the trivia quiz recall.

4.19 Your Honor

Holt’s mum is great. But what kind of wine club meets every few days? I liked just how far into the realm of annoying Jake went over his relationship with Holt’s mother until he realised the scale of their communication issues. The word play was fun (also the use of ‘lovering’ and ‘teeny-tinily’). AND it’s always great when they tie in the opener to the body of the episode.

Amy needing a win over Gina’s tyre-changing was never going to lead to good things for her. And Hitchcock and Scully’s work on the new sofa included elements I’m never going to bleach out of my brain – I think it was hinted that the failed break room redesigners watched them do all of that.
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