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I went to see Gifted yesterday, about which all I need to say is it’s Chris Evans playing a guy trying to bring up his brilliant niece. Logan and Hidden Figures (which makes better use of Octavia Spencer) are better films that overlap thematically, but they do not have Chris Evans playing a guy doing his best to bring up a kid.

I watched a lot of NCIS: LA season 3 episodes during last week.

I really got into Blye, K to the point that I was disappointed I had to wait a day for part 2, even though I knew when it started it was a two-parter (I am more interested in Kensi’s angst than Callen’s.) As what she knew of her father disintegrated around her and the service she worked for turned her a suspect (thanks, Grainger), she needed all of Deeks, Hetty and the team’s support. I hope there’s a little Kensi-Sam interaction in an episode after his reaction here and he claim that he was the most honourable man she knew a few episodes ago, because the dynamic hasn’t had much play. As a sidenote.

Like the team (I spent a lot of the episode going ‘oh, boys’) I didn’t believe Kensi had done anything except put herself in the position of being easily set up for the other deaths by trying to investigate her father’s death. I think we were supposed to suspect Grainger as much as the spook, but that’s where having seen the season finale made me know better.

And then there was Kensi/Deeks fodder, of a higher order than the show’s usual girl punches boy means she likes him! (see also Nell and Eric.) I loooved the conversation at his place, because it was partners forever, and he made her laugh. I believe that she had been trying to protect him, not that she didn’t trust him (well, up to a point, I think it would be impossible for her to trust anyone too much with investigating her father’s death. Her father with the now unfortunate first name. Ahem.) Because that balanced out the threat to the spy who’d insisted on meeting her.

I wasn’t too excited by his analysis of Deeks’s threat, because I could see G. and Sam saying something similar in that scenario, and maybe even Kensi. It could be read as ‘you mess with my partner’ with that chord that Kensi is female that still comes in. But in terms of canon, where I’ve seen other characters assume they are a couple, this guy went further with ‘or you’re lying to yourself about your feelings for her’, which Deeks couldn’t unhear.

I adored the way that the shirt Kensi was wearing emphasised her spine.
And when I was typing out my rough response to this episode, I typed out: HETTY, and I don’t really remember why. Was it how she handled and stood up for Kensi? But really, ‘HETTY’ stands as it is.

As for Blye, K. part 2, this for me was crucial from a Kensi/Deeks standpoint. It left me more convinced that he’s got to know how he feels and that what he feels is most of the way in love with her. For starters, he popped up and yelled her name after the attack at the park and had to be reminded to keep down and shut up because sniper.

(Loved that although she was clearly less experienced than the others and given a task that reflected that, Nell was capable and armed in that situation.)

And all Deeks’s worry about an injured Kensi and the offer to come with her – except she trusted him with her mother (I hope the actress was biologically old enough to have given birth to her, SRSLY). That was a big trust from Kensi. It was the fact that Kensi’d believed in lies/been lied to by her father, but also been truly loved that was the heart of the story, because, as I said, it was clear she hadn’t done it and that Grainger hadn’t, and the episode moved on to another new conspiracy (how many private spy rings can Los Angeles hold?) involving new-to-us characters.

They were trying to generate tension about whether Kensi would kill the man who’d killed her father, but I never thought she was going to do more than glare at him, and, as ever, the show kept her pure and gave someone else an excuse to kill him off for us. (I think if she’d known the other orphaned daughter had been killed and seen her body, it might have been tenser – although it was the lady operative who did the killing, it was at the behest of her boss).

And Hetty saying Kensi needed a friend, which is true enough, but Deeks wants to be so much more than that – I thought they played the scene where he had a look at the injury and an eyeful of the rest (loved the sensible t-shirt bra) just right, and the real reveal was the reflexive ‘that’s my girl’ (repeated in the next episode because the show is subtle like that). Well, and ‘I’d settle for a beer every day of the rest of my life’ as a declaration.

(The more time that’s elapsed, the more that resonates as one of those indirect declarations, although what they’ve done subsequently is typical – not really deal with it.)

And although it’s sweet that he knows what her favourite move is, and the whole ‘soft centre’ thing is confirmed by it being Titanic, I am so judging her for that password given that she works with Eric, Nell and what she works on.

The next episode covered Viet Nam (and I called slaves and Miss Saigon and was right, and the whole thing about Sam’s shirt ignored all the awkwardness that slave labour made it) and showed that Nell is an excellent baseball/netball player because of course she is. As she was on G and Sam’s team and Eric ‘I will literally hand the ball over to my opponent in panic’ Beale was on Kensi and Deeks’s side, I’m glad they made the joke in the rematch be about superref!Hetty vs. Sam.

The next episode was about Sam the ex SEAL investigating his old ‘family’ and was relatively boring apart from explosions. I disagreed with a lot that went on there, and was hoping for going undercover and banter in the next episode.

It was the NCIS: LA leg of a crossover double-bill with Hawaii 5.0 – I liked Kelly! As Callen and Hanna had obviously been over in the first half, the others had a little more to do. There was a balance between ‘smallpox pandemc with destroy humanity woe/Deeks feeling threatened by Danny’.

In undercover terms, Kensi ‘won’ by getting to play doctor, but I think we all won because Deeks wore blue scrubs. I thought the hair tossing at the Hawaiian cops was deliberate, but whoa Deeks was jealous, and then got played by her. But Hetty put Danny in his box to Deeks’s delight (forgot to mention the moment where Hetty caught him manipulating the other three in the previous episode to get a car to himself. But even if Hetty appreciates all her team members, she still loves Callen the most.)

Oh, and of all the partnership discussions about what they’d do in a pandemic – where of course Kensi and Deeks’ conversation about this making her realise what’s important to her got interrupted and of course Eric tried to get Nell to take him along with her on her survival plan, I enjoyed Callen and Sam’s banter the most.

And then – I am so grateful – they aired ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ again, in full, and seeing the beginning made certain things much clearer, although I’m amused that two seconds into Kensi and Deeks’s dinner with the other two, I’d rightly assessed the situation. But what came before was rather glorious fake married tropey goodness, from the teasing of the bed, to Kensi’s ridiculous amount of clothes changes, to the bickering about the bed, to Hetty’s speech, to Sam parsing it. But really, Kensi and Deeks have been having inappropriate feelings for their partner for ages.

It was interesting that it was mostly Kensi having the feelings at the normality of playing married in a settled community (if a gated community with rooms that size is your idea of normal). She seemed closer to thinking of settling down and making babies (while Deeks seemed focused on the what you do to make babies part) and was very good in bossing the little boy with the catapult.

Of course, let’s read into the fact that they both remember what the other was wearing when they actually first met, and that Kensi instinctively initiated a cover kiss when she probably had other options. I still love how they switched from a flirty conversation where Kensi was trying to make out that she was wild, as wild as that blonde that Deeks had wanted to stay with, to being pros and the dependability of their partnership as we got to the obligatory gunfight.

I think that season 4 is going to be aired at a less intense frequency, which suits me.

Why has no-one written an NCIS: LA/Inception fusion?


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