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Den of Geek has been so on point/relevant to my interests recently.

I know I've posted a lot of links to it before, but recently there's been In praise of Lord of the Rings' DVD extras, which, among other things, neatly gets at why I was so pleased to see Richard Taylor on An Unexpected Journey's appendices.

Furthermore, I agreed with Why the discussion of 12 Years a Slave needs to refocus, which I suppose is more directed at chattering entertainment media circles than film fans, but is a reminder that when I left the cinema after seeing that film I was overwhelmed and it's the film and what it depicts that's the point, not just awards, and that will be recognised for years.

There's also been its underappreciated films series (although I appreciated 2006's Stranger than Fiction plenty and I do not know how I could appreciate Sky High more. SARKY VOICE IN MY HEAD: Make costumes and re-enact it? COMMON SENSE:Not a good idea given the stunts) which has mainly pointed to Asian films that I barely knew existed.

I watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine again last night and was chuckling throughout, but don't have more to say about it. Next week, it'll slip to 'catch-up' or maybe '+1' territory, though, because THE GOOD WIFE IS BACK.
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