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X-men movieverse (post X2), PG, Rogue. Written for the prompt Yeah, the river it spoke to me. It told me I’m small, and I swallowed it down. 119 words.

Girl versus River: shallowness

She's been sitting in the X-jet, waiting for someone to comm her and say they're ready for pick-up, just like the plan. But the radio silence has been too long and she mutters, 'Screw it' and trains the sensors as far as she can. What she sees is not good.

Her control still wavers in Professor Xavier's quiet study, a tidal river, not a constant flow. He thinks she's not ready. If she hadn't worked so hard at qualifying as a pilot she wouldn't be here, suited up now.

But her team need her. She was there at the briefing. She knows all they know about their target. Rogue takes a deep breath and pulls off her first glove.


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