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So the 3 Sentence Ficathon is closing/has closed today (I fail at working out time zones). Part 1 here and there's a link to part 2 on the page. There's oodles of fun anthropomrphic fics, rare fandoms and pairings, a generally high quality and inventive punctuation - I write as someone who was guilty of it. I really enjoyed participating, and I'm not done as a reader, I have a list that I'll be going through for a while yet. As a wrtier, well, it's been fun. Here's my last (!?) fill.

Coin toss, Batman (Nolanverse), Bruce/Selina, written for the prompt Any, any, toss a coin at the Three Sentence Fiction 2013 ficathon [66 words]

It’s part of a street magician’s act, just the glint of a silver coin being tossed in the sunlight, that catches Bruce’s eye. He doesn’t break his stride, but a shadow falls over his face and settles there all the same. Selina notices, but doesn’t ask, for she’s had her chance encounters with her past too, clean slate or no, on this European jaunt of theirs.

Fittingly, last night, I watched Person of Interest (aka Batman on TV) 1.19 Flesh and Blood

Big episode – I felt a few bits were rushed, which took away a little of the episode’s heft, (although it is quite possible that Demand five skipped over some scenes or moments and I didn’t notice). Carter’s role as the only (honest) cop in the City was pushed to extremes – I know there was a homicide, but surely another department would be dealing with all this!? But making her the one in the middle really worked with circumstances forcing her to do what she had to do (as shady as the shady stuff Reese and Finch whom she disdained until she couldn’t did, perhaps?) and having to put her trust in Lionel, even when his shadiness came to light. (LIONEL FUSCOE! I can’t even, as they say.) But she was so cool with the gun.

Also, if I mis-spell anyone’s name on this show, I’ll just point to the fact that everyone pronounced Carter’s son’s name as Taylor, but it came up as Tyler on her phone.

And yes, the John-Carter and all soldiers together was very emotional.

I liked the contrast between her son and Elias as we got the flashbacks telling us a little more about how he became the man he is. His foster mother knew perfectly well who his father was and what he’d done to her mother, I take it.

Despite its imperfections, I was impressed that they went so full out so early before the end of the series. I expect the next episodes will be about Finch and Reese more, but there were so many returning faces. As expected, Elias survived and if I’d been Moretti, I wouldn’t have got into that car, but then we knew his son, who would have known about the first car bombing, was dumb. So that’s quite a few dons down, Elias in prison, HR not working for him for now and everything all unbalanced. INTRIGUING.


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