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On Saturday night, I posted you bear the weight of my gaze Lawless, Maggie/Forrest, Mature, over a thousand words. The first draft was written in long hand quite soon seeing the film, and had been edited since. I came across it recently and decided to type it and polish it. I got it beta read, but as the beta reader, rookanga, hadn’t seen the film, I rewatched Lawless, because the fic is so entwined with canon, which led to some pondering over how to warn for it without spoiling. I always over-think how to rate or warn for anything above my general ‘PG’ writing zone. But here, detailed warnings would give away the plot of the film (rated 18 in the UK) so I ended up with a compromise.

There was a time when I didn’t get reading fic when you didn’t know the source, although I’ve subsequently read fic when I know a little about the source at least, and then had to live with fuzziness about what is canon or fanon. But this is mainly about all the looking that goes on in the film, but taking Maggie’s perspective and having something of a female gaze going on.

Over the past few days, I’ve been reading longer fics than I normally read – long one-shots or multi-parters. When it’s done right so I get immersed in the story, I love the slow-burn.


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