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I give you four tropes I love:

The perfect gift. This probably has to do with my gift-giving anxiety, but when character X gives character Y a quirky, unique present that shows they’ve been paying attention to what they like, I melt into a puddle (classic examples: Beast gives Belle A LIBRARY, Weiss giving Sydney a non-existent third edition of Alice in Wonderland, the flours in Stranger than Fiction...) I love this trope if it’s platonic/friendshippy, has a hint of more or is blatantly more.

Amnesia. If it allows a character to act OOC and re-evaluate or play with their relationships (especially to admit to and act on an attraction they wouldn’t if they were their own selves), great. If it goes darker and has a character re-evaluate who they are and what they learn they’ve done, also great. If it involves a guy with superpowers going off and doing shirtless cage-fighting, I melt.

AU. Putting anything IN SPACE gives your house an automatic five points – I’m thinking fic here. But really, put a period canon in the modern day, and I love to watch how the writer translates things (in watching The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, I often come back to Clueless, which did this brilliantly). I also like the ‘what if?’ which is such a big driver of fic. I love this in canon too, the element of playfulness, of role reversal, of shaking up the norm. Shows that have an animated episode (Farscape), a musical episode (BtVS) or an animated musical episode (oh, Community) are dear to my heart.

Fake relationship/Pretending to be a couple. I looooooooooooove this. Yes, because it shortcuts characters into fake intimacy, multiplying the UST, giving characters who don’t have it a glimpse into normality/stability and there’s the interplay between truth and lies. It can be for whatever reason: spies on a job (especially if one of them is more of a spy than the other) or to make someone jealous (Sky High flirted with this).

Generally though, I have a lot of tolerance for tropefic and for the use of clichés in genre shows in particular, which can include subversion


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