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Apr. 3rd, 2013 07:31 pm
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I’ve been offline with family for the past week, mainly reading, including The Deception of the Emerald Ring, the latest (for me) book in the Pink Carnation series, which starts off by borrowing liberally from Heyer. I prefer the historical parts of the books and the way that espionage adds to the romances, although the modern day narration of what’s uncovered about the history is fun, and the book often surprised me in a good way. This morning, I reread Neverwhere - if it’s rereading, as this is the 2005 version. I enjoyed it hugely. DOOR! Reading Mansfield Park.

I didn’t watch much TV, so will have to catch up. but I got around to rewatching North and South, which I wanted to do since seeing The Hobbit. (I only made one ‘you and who’s army, THORIN’ joke in my head). Mainly I loved the bits I loved the first time around. Everyone who I’ve subsequently seen in other stuff looks so young, but I like that you’ve got the passion of the love story, the representative symbolism, moral questions about work and money. It’s a quality production. I still mentally yell ‘Drink!’ every time a character looks out of a window – bonus points if they’re looking at another character.

I still have issues with the ending. As I can’t draw well enough for my liking and don’t know how I’d upload it anyway, you’re spared the mental comic strip I was drawing of Mrs T’s response to John bringing Margaret home with him. It certainly doesn’t happen like that in the book! While I can intellectually see why they did what they did (and the culmination of the hands stuff and the simplicity of their dialogue and the kissing are lovely) it doesn’t entirely work for me. I need to reread the book before I watch the adaptation again, though.

Finally, I’m very jealous of everyone who is writing. Taken away from the 3 sentence prompts, I didn’t write a bit of fic.


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