Mar. 15th, 2017

shallowness: Movieverse Rogue leaning against a blank wall. (Rogue X-Men Films)
I scoffed too when they said Logan was the Wolverine movie ‘the fans’ have been waiting for – hasn’t Jackman dutifully said that before all the previous movies, which I’ve seen? Wolverine: Origins was a mistake and The Wolverine was dull, and I didn’t rewatch either before going to see this film. Yes, I saw the trailer, but I couldn’t believe that the film would live up to it, didn’t want to believe the star ratings for the reviews, although I knew I’d go to see it. But…it’s good. It’s easily the best Wolverine standalone film, it captures and references a lot of what made the character the breakout star of the movie franchise from when he was introduced, and makes the most of its 15 certificate, though I have no idea what timeline it fits in, mind!

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