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I read that it was Rowling's lawyers (or one of them) who let slip that she was Robert Galbraith. I'm sure that those few who went and bought the book and enjoyed it are feeling smug. Despite having endured The Casual Vacancy more than enjoyed it, I daresay I will read the book at some point.

For now I'm currently reading and loving The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. I'm in the final stretch, and as soon as I close my laptop, I'll be finishing it tonight, I hope.

A quote:
"Secrets have power," [...] "And that power diminishes when they are shared, so they are best kept and kept well. Sharing secrets, real secrets, important ones, with even one other person, will change them. Writing them down is worse, because who can tell how many eyes might see them inscribed on paper, no matter how careful you might be with it. So it's really best to keep your secrets when you have them, for their own good, as well as yours."

But the main thing I wanted to say was that over the past several days, I have been reading an amnesia! fic that’s lampshaded the trope, somewhat, bless – I wouldn’t be reading it if I didn’t enjoy the trope. That enjoyment is largely driven by my interest in how much memory builds up our identity, but also by the angst of one person no longer remembering the build-up of a relationship and not quite being the person their lover remembers and shared the relationship with and how the new situation all shines a light on their relationship. Preferably, because this is fic, I want the memories to come back and the relationship to grow stronger, but I’m open to variations, obviously.

So, I started thinking about fics I’d like to see where a character has gone through extraordinary changes in canon, and what a huge thing it would be if they lost the memories of what had happened to get them there. I got hung up on kids/youngsters who become rulers – one of the Pevensies losing their memory as a young king or queen (even though I don’t read Narnia fic) or DG finding herself in the Outer Zone, a princess with a family she doesn’t remember, the truth about the people who brought her up being robots. The shipper in me would quite like her to be in a romantic relationship with Cain, but if not, he (and Glitch and Raw in different ways) would help her come to terms with finding out/remembering what happened. Actually, I would be equally interested in a fic where Cain lost his memory of being freed from the suit and everything that came after, and having to make sense of DG, the new Witch-free O.Z. and the fact his son’s a grown adult and relive the grief of all he lost again. I don’t think I’ve read a Tin Man amnesia fic. Given that DG canonically had to chase after her childhood memories, which she’d understandably submerged, that’s a little strange. (I mainly read DG/Cain fic, and I have a huge list of fics still to read.)

Of course, if Lizzie B lost her memory and found herself in San Fransisco and with William Darcy, he or Gigi could sit her in front of the videos. But if it was a while later, well, there’d still be some kind of digital trail. That would be an interesting angle to pursue, actually.

For the Avengers, I thought of Steve not remembering the serum, so being shocked at the change in his physicality, plus having to deal with being in the twenty-first century all over again. (I feel mean proposing all these scenarios, and that I should point out that I love the trope when the memories come back, which I know is not what happens that often in RL.) To make it worse, he would come to wherever the Avengers were all holed up and so would have to deal with Thor, the Hulk and Iron Man. Then he would later have to deal with modern tech, perhaps watching Tony, Bruce and Jane do science. This either ends up developing into Steve/Natasha or Steve/Darcy in my head, by the way.

Can anyone else think of extreme examples of where someone’s life changed canonically and how they’d react at losing their memories? Please use these as plot bunnies or point to fics (I suspect that this is a trope that works best with familiarity with the fandom. Although if you are unfamiliar with it, I suppose there'd be an interesting empathy with the person who's lost their memory.)


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