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Ep 41 Travel

I wasn’t expecting the stylistic return to well, the first episode, with the voice over and the clips of Jane wandering around Gateshead and then flying. This is the type of episode we have not been having! After getting over the shock, I liked the content, because there was a nice balance of catch-up of where (Jane thinks) everyone is at and rumination.

On a selfish note, it was a nice episode to ease myself back into the show after taking a long break.

As I said the last time, I’ve been following the order given here, so I don’t just follo the vids. I was a little confused by the bunch of Blanche tweets – did Warren tell her to watch Jane’s vids and rethink what Rochester was up to? That's what the mention of YouTube suggested. But then, after that, Rochester Exports (which is Grace, right?) is planning wedding themes?


This show does better questions and answers than LBD, seriously. I mean, in universe, did Jane edit and post the previous vid inside the airport before coming out to do this one? To me, she must have recorded the voiceover before this.

Anyways, the whole question she never finished or answered being interrupted by Rochester was adorable. There could have been a little more about Jane not letting herself be sad before he commenced flirting/cheering her up, and touching her because he’s missed her. The joke about Grace being the whole of the Canadian army made me snicker – actually a couple of them did, so I’m not grumbling about the banter, per se, for once. But the sincerity of her wanting to go home and his pleasure that she saw it as home was undeniable.

Twitter: So Blanche and Warren are getting drunk together...that’ll be convenient.

Ep 42 The King of Hearts

And Jane and Rochester are flirting together again. ‘Can he be serious?’ She asks. Well, he can stare seriously at her, and that was definitely an almost kiss, but I’m tending to laugh at them – also the conceit of filming/taking a picture was a stretch. Still. I can’t scold when we saw a return of the socks.

A part of me wishes we had had Adele or Grace or Susanna welcoming her back. I know that, especially by this point, Jane/Rochester is such a driving force and possibly the budget was a consideration, but...

Twitter: I have no idea if these are real hashtags but #nobodycares #leastofallrochester #ispassiveagressivetwitteringathing

Ep 43 Kidnapped

That was so adorable and Vancouver was so pretty that I’m not going to quibble about anything, because I can’t whine that with the music, it felt less authentic when I massively appreciated the subtitles that were put in for things that might have got missed. (Shame they can’t go back and do that retrospectively for all the times the sound failed.) But just, they were so happy and she refused to take him seriously and it was basically a stealth date and self-indulgence for him, and the kissing chesspieces were so telling... But also, I think he took on board that her internet people were worried for her and that she’d been under a lot of strain. Meanwhile, this is not the behaviour of someone who is going to get engaged to someone else, Jane, and you should face that.

Twitter: Okay, I snickered at ‘Aluminium or Aluminum? The subject of a heated debate over lunch at EAC.’

Ep 44 Moderation

I liked that the camera had gone missing (BERTHA?) and the many ways you could interpret the line about it being easy to lose things in the house: because BERTHA and also Jane losing her heart.

Also, Jane herself wouldn’t know it – as far as she’d be concerned, she was sprawling to make herself comfortable - but that was a very provocative (in terms of the webseries) and attractive pose, all relaxed and barefoot while wearing pretty prim clothes, on his sofa.

There was tension over ‘next month’ when she thinks her job will be over. Liked the ‘of course it’s on’ and that she then made the connections about her and tea – sweets/chocolate – Rochester without spelling it out.

Twitter: Grace needs a vacation – Grace doesn’t understand the concept of a vacation (who’s looking after Bertha?) – and Rochester doesn’t want her back.

Ep 45 The Crux


I liked that we got to see Rochester’s nerves at the very beginning (though why did he choose to film this? I wonder if he will show it to certain people at a certain point later). But oh, I felt for her pain, from the beauty of the gift to hearing those words, as she thought, about someone else – I thought that they did the line about the piece of string well, but the bit about her being an independent being worked less well (although overall her acting was better than his, and he mumbled). And yes, Rochester needed to speak long enough to convince Jane that he was being serious and telling the truth and she needed to be the one to silence him with a kiss. I liked that she did respond like someone of her age in this day and age would after a proposal of marriage straight after a declaration of love (although of course he pulled the ring out of his pocket). Some of it was down to not knowing how serious he was too, which is his own fault, and there are big clanging alarm bells, but everyone who ‘won’t understand’ don’t really matter to them, and the trouble is that even though she doesn’t know all of it, Jane does grasp his need to make a fresh start, she really does.


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