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The OPI Summer Challenge via [personal profile] musesfool.

The puns made me do it! Using OPI nail colours as prompts, this seems a low-key fanworks challenge (at least 500 words for fic, so if there's something that inspires me, I could manage that) for the summer. You can prompt without filling and fill without prompting. I have prompted stuff I'd love to read, so...
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At the start of the week, it was twenty years since ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ was first published. After an initial ‘eek’ at that, even though I was fine with realising OK Computer is twenty years old also, it’s been interesting to read about how people have grown up with the series, and with it being such a phenomenon it doesn’t feel overblown to say that or to think about it’s influence in shaping social attitudes. There was the issue of the series getting a generation to read. There are people who read the series for whom it wasn’t a gateway drug to other books, for example, although I hope it got more people into reading more widely than would otherwise have happened, and it’s certainly a factor in the explosion of geek culture and the rise of the fantastic.

As for me, Read more... )
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I have just got out of a rabbit-hole of sorting out my icons, motivated by the fact that i. Poldark is coming back this weekend (I appreciate their wanting to avoid Victoria, but couldn’t they have waited for Agents of SHIELD to finish? Perhaps it’s not an obvious overlap to the schedulers, but it includes me, and the way AoS is currently firing on many cylinders and its fight scenes will make me choose that first.) ii. I have stuff to say about NCIS: LA, so I’ve got icons and iii. I have more icon slots than I thought on LJ!?

I’ve been continuing to mainline the top and tail of season 3 of NCIS: LA. spoilers )
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I am behind on B99 as someone called me while I was watching it last week and I never got caught up and so didn't watch the latest episode last night. I could have got caught up instead of watching NCIS:LA...however, I saw the last two episodes of season 2, 'Imposters' and 'Familia'.

Some thoughts, Read more... )

And I have seen Pirates of the Caribbean: Salazar's Revenge, and when I have time, I will type up a full response, but it was much like the other sequels to the brilliant Curse of the Black Pearl, entertaining in fits, not as good as the original and best, although trading on goodwill for it. I didn't stay to see if there was a scene after the credits, but I'll probably buy it on DVD, because I'm a completist and it did nothing to put me right off the franchise a la Jason Bourne and The Huntsman Winter's War.

The trailers for the coming blockbusters made me feel like it'll be slim pickings this summer. I'll be looking to the counter-programming.
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On Tuesday I posted my first new fic of the year and the first one for six months: Extreme Action, a Sky High, Layla/Warren futurefic. It was first drafted in July 2015, which wasn’t a wonderful time for me. Having a title that would suit an early 90s action flick better than a fluffy tropefic appealed to me, apparently. Anyway, a couple of months ago, as I was doing looking through some drafts, I found that this one didn’t need much work – usually I have stalled before coming up with an ending. In the editing process, it passed the thousand word mark, et voila.

For completeness on Livejournal: this spring, I’ve also reposted the following fics at Dreamwidth and A03. Read more... )

what a week

Apr. 7th, 2017 07:38 am
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Because it’s all about me, in a week where I did have the mental energy or time to do more than read fic and catch a cold, these changes happened at LJ. This is not me saying I’m going to stop cross-posting yet, although the level of fannish activity on LJ has visibly gone down, from very low to extremely low. Perhaps I’m naïve about what it all means – I mean, I do have concerns, but, well, certainly I’m lazy, and have been lazy. One thing I intend to do is get back to reposting old fic at Dreamwidth and AO3. As I should have an easier few weeks ahead, that should be do-able. There are other things I could do to make a transition to posting at Dreamwidth only smoother.

But as proof of the lack of coherent thinky thoughts, I’ve been wondering why no-one casts Sigourney Weaver as Bree Larson’s mother, or Naomi Watts and Sienna Miller as sister this week.

I also intentionally watched the Timeless season 1 finale, because I came across suggestions that the show wouldn’t be renewed. It’s a show I’ve very much dipped into some episodes of – enough to grasp whatever time period Lucy, Wyatt, Rufus and probably Flynn were running around in and being entertained by Patterson Joseph, but not much else, as I knew very little of what they were going on about in the finale. Wyatt, previously notable for his eyelashes, turned out to have a sweet smile. Actual spoiler )
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On Thursday night, I fully intended to watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but I sat down to look at books online about twenty minutes before and when I checked the time next, it was six minutes past nine and, well, I'll catch up and write about it later.

Earlier in the week I did watch a whole episode of Suits (6.11) online, i.e. I went and looked for it because it airs at 10pm on a Sunday night, which is not a time I’m going to attempt to start to watch a show.

My previous association with Suits has been fragmentary, growing from a flurry of Harvey/Donna fics on my friends list or het_reccers. Oh yes, I'm so far down the fandom journey that I've read fic without consuming the canon properly - reading outlines or reviews, watching clips or vids will do to give me a grasp of things. Sometimes it turns into my watching the show/film properly. I did try to watch Suits, understood the concept (but the way it all revolved around Harvey and Mike, pretty though they are, didn't hook me and the lawyering didn't either. I grasped that Donna was awesome and enjoyed watching Gina Torres, but I don't think I watched a full episode. In the last one I saw, the music editor was really into the xx (which I understand) and Harvey was in a relationship with a single mother?

Anyway, a TV guide said something about spoilers for 6.11 )

In other news, Festivids went live more than several days ago and I have many new vids to watch.
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Strictly Christmas films special

Read more... )

I also managed to watch most of Peter Pan Goes Wrong live, and given that I’d just managed to scald myself and was watching it with my hand in a bold of cold water and still laughed helplessly, it was hilarious. It’s mainly slapstick (a recurring theme of my Christmas holiday) – and it does what is says on the tin, the premise is that it's a televised adaptation of a production of 'Peter Pan' and what can go wrong does. You can tell that it's origins are on stage and they could have developed the possibilities of it as TV more, but it's more important that it was funny.

(I'm in the middle of catching up on The Witness for the Prosecution, and I need to post about Sherlock and Brooklyn Nine-Nine sooner rather than later.)
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I meant to be writing about Poldark this morning, but life interfered last night so I'll have to catch up on it along with Victoria tonight or tomorrow night.

On Saturday night, I posted The Sketch Harry Potter, Mature. Rolf Scamander/Luna Lovegood
Summary: Rolf is looking through the sketches his colleague Luna has been drawing and finds something very unprofessional. 917 words.

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Apparently some people find round-up posts like this obnoxious. May I suggest scrolling or not clicking? For my part, yes, it's self-promotion, just in case, but it's also a chance to write a little about the writing process or what the fics mean to me. Anyway, if you're interested, over the past week and a half I've reposted the following:

No friend to those with noses (Dark Angel) G. Joshua, Alec. 488 words.
First posted: Late December 2005. Summary: A smelly cat is no friend to those with noses; Joshua has a snout.

A clear view (Dark Angel) PG. Alec, Max, Mole, Dalton (Max/Alec implied). 880 words.
First posted: January 2006. Summary: Alec rescues Dalton, Max is furious at how he did it and Terminal City gets entertained for free.

Days, weeks, months and years (ER) PG. Haleh, Neela and Ray. First posted: February 2006. Two post ‘Dream House’ 12.06 drabbles.

Yesterday, I crossposted: Epicinium (Smallville) Teen. Lois, Chloe, Clark, Gabe, Lana. 2,682 words. Coda for 4.8 ‘Spell’.
Summary: The aftermath of the eighteenth birthday party that Lois and Chloe don’t remember.

Notes )

I don't know if I'll be able to continue reposting fic as regularly, although given that I'm only up to the start of 2006 and only started Dreamwidth in 2009, I don't want to stop again.
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How come I’d never heard of ‘The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet’ by Becky Chambers? I only came across it by picking it up off a shelf in a bricks and mortar bookshop because of the title. (Oldschool.) Consider yourself informed if you like female-centric science fiction that takes place in the great expanse that is space, love crews that become families, made up of multi-faceted beings (‘sapients’ to use the novel’s term) working out what it means to be them, be they Human or not, around others.

Read more... )

I went to see Suicide Squad last week (life has been a little busy since). My hopes/expectations were that it would be less dull than Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. It passes on that score, but that doesn’t mean it was ‘good’, though. There were plot holes, there were too many characters and too many flashbacks. Read more... )

I forgot to wait for scenes in the middle of the credits.

Parks and Rec 7.4 Leslie and Ron (this was the only episode available to catch up on, so I hope the next will be 7.5 and Dave won’t skip it).

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May. 21st, 2016 08:16 am
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Although this is actually going to be quite a busy Saturday for me, it's so nice to have the time to post of a morning! I have been watching TV and XMDofP extras and doing stuff like reading fic that should be recced, so maybe it's not time that's the problem either.

Agents of SHIELD 3.19 Failed Experiments

Read more... )

If you wrote in the following, I might read your fics!

[ profile] tielan is hosting a Maria Hill commenfic fest

[ profile] lost_spook is hosting the Obscure & British commentfest IV
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Digital Spy was reporting at the end of last week that Nashville was cancelled - I wasn't going to be able to watch season 4 and I don't even know if it's started airing here. Also Castle spoiler ) And the Huntingbird spin-off is not going to fly. Just like last year.

In other news, I watched the Rogue Cut of DoFP and I don't think the extensions add much, though I suspect I'm now going to be concentrating on reading X-Men fic before X-Men Apocalypse comes out.

Dave have, for once, not taken a break after airing a season of Parks and Rec, so we've gone straight into season 6, yay!


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more TV

May. 2nd, 2016 08:25 am
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I forgot to mention that I did watch some season 2 Deep Space Nine episodes whilst on holiday, so I’d like to carry on with that, although I’ll be putting catching up on the telly first and the last time I tried to use my DVD player, it wouldn’t work properly, which I hope I can fix, but even if I don't, I could use the laptop. First world inconveniences, eh?

Parks and Rec 5.19

Read more... )


Read more... )

Undercover episode 4

Must remember that for some reason we’ll have to wait a fortnight for the last episode.

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I posted Fancy Hotel, a Person of Interest/The Night Manager ficlet. Zoe and John were the focus of the prompt and remain the focus of the fic, but I had TNM on my mind and it was the spark for me. I wish I could have come up with a better title, but at least I managed a summary.

I caught up with B99 3.14 Karen Peralta

Itsy-Bitsy Spider )

Of course, I’m now behind again because I chose to watch Scorpion (post to come).

I went to see a double-bill of films yesterday for the first time in ages. First was Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Yes, I know. One word review: ponderous.

more words ) There were lots of problems, but I’ll focus on the most relevant one, which is that you’ve seen the trailer(s), and who hasn't given the promo push, most of the film will not come as a surpise.

And before this film a new-to-me Captain America: Civil War trailer aired and I think that contained a major development that made me clap my hands to my mouth in disbelief that they’d show that now. What is wrong with the people behind cutting these trailers? Stick to the first third, show glimpses of the main characters, give a flavour of the mood...people are going to go see films featuring Captain America, Iron Man, Batman and Superman!

Having said that, The Lego Batman Movie trailer filled me with glee.

What I wasn’t spoiled for in BvS:DoJ was Read more... ) Roll on the Wonder Woman solo movie, which seems like the only thing DC is doing that Marvel seems to need to worry about.

The second film I saw was Eddie the Eagle, which is thoroughly entertaining. It has also had a huge promo push in the UK, and benefits from being a sporting underdog dramedy based on a true story that I'm about old enough to remember, but I don't think they used the last third in the promo material.

Finally, I've caught up on Parks and Rec


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So, there I was, starting to type up this post and, to cut a long story short, my charger went kaput. That’s 24 hours-plus without the internet at home! Obviously, it has been resolved (phew) and it wasn’t necessary to buy a new laptop, although that day is drawing nearer as it’s one thing after another with Buzz (my laptop is called Buzz) and I got it in over seven and a half years ago, which probably makes it geriatric in computing years.

Anyway, I can now post about Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Episode 3.06, I think

Read more... )

And then in the ad break, I discovered The Good Wife was back on More 4. Mainly I'm miffed I didn't know before the event. I think I’ll stick to watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine live, even though now they’re down to one show a week, B99 only fills a half-hour slot and would be easier to catch up on, but series 6 of TGW was so dire, and I’m kind of just watching to see guest stars turn up rather than caring what Alicia does next...

Anyway [ profile] misbegotten made me scrumptious DS9 icons over at [ profile] oraclegreen featuring Jadzia, Kira and Odo.

all sorts

Jan. 22nd, 2016 08:51 pm
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I watched The National TV Awards on Wednesday night – I was in a weird mood. Also contains Downton spoilers )

Last night, I posted I appreciate your appreciation, an Andy/Daisy fic. In one way, I’m had put to explain why I wrote it of all things after the Christmas special as spoilers )

And now, let me make a public service announcement, because someone might as well profit from my bitter personal experience. Back your documents up now. Of course, I'm sure you have a better back-up system than the one I had been quite lax about.

Yes, last night after posting the fic, I suddenly has some difficulty saving stuff on my USB stick and then found a few documents were corrupted and my fiction files...were gone from it. If I had kept to my back-up schedule...but I might as well say ‘if I had a time-turner...’ So, I’ve been scrabbling to find out what I’ve lost and back-up what I’ve got. In a way, it’s a good job I wasn’t more productive with fic since Sepbtember, and there are a couple of things that were saved because I’d saved them elsewhere, but...aargh.

Brooklyn Nine Nine (season 3’s Halloween episode) managed to distract me from kicking myself.

Read more... )

To fill the second half of the slot, E4 repeated an old episode, which made sense, because I didn’t think we were so far behind that they could maintain airing two episodes a week. It was the second season opener, which made a nice background as I frantically tried to find and save what I could.
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I posted 10 fics to Archive of Our Own this year, all longer than drabbles. I had a flurry of writing X word ficlets and Three Sentence fics. That’s one more than last year! Most were ficlets, with two passing the thousand-word mark, both of which were gen. Things happened in my life this year that had a big bearing on my writing.

There was a huge flurry in April, partly because of Easter and partly because of what was going on in The Mentalist’s final season – I wrote more The Mentalist fic than any other fandom, and I’ve never written fic in the fandom before. A minority of these fics, less than I thought, were based on prompts.

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