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Jun. 22nd, 2017 06:48 pm
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I know everyone is linking to interesting Wonder Woman stuff, but if you haven't seen it, here's a list of heart-warming ways young children have responded to Wonder Woman via Digial Spy.

I meant to post this when reviewing Salazar's revenge, but here's an excellent [ profile] idol_reflection essay on (Captain) Jack Sparrow, based on the first three Pirates movies – worth reading the comments for a look at Jack as a trickster: Captain Jack Sparrow - A Legend in His Own Mind by The Stowaway.

And via [ profile] musesfool The Chrisening of Hollywood from Vanity Fair - an amusing take on the Four Chrises phenomenon here.

Mixed news

Jan. 28th, 2017 10:05 am
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For the first time (as far as I know) a fic of mine has been translated! Exciting, yes? It's Family Business an Ondine ficlet I wrote in 2011, and it has been translated into Family Business家庭事务 by liangdeyu. I don't speak or read Chinese, but you may, and even if you don't - it's so cool.

FWIW, my 'stance' on translation is that I'd prefer it if people asked for permission. I'll probably say yes, and hope you did more than put it through machine translation, but want a link to the final product for gloating purposes. I'm not going to chase after anyone who does it without asking, unless if they don't refer to me in any way and pass the idea of the fic off as their own. After all, it's fanfiction, but it'd be nice to be asked, because it's not quite the same thing as not asking film makers' or whoever's permission to transform it.

Less good was learning that John Hurt has passed away. I feel a little shocked, irrationally, because I watched him in Jackie the other day, in which he played a priest she opens up to (very well, of course).
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Very nice notification e-mails in my inbox this week!

[ profile] tigriswolf wrote the following two commentfics for my prompts

For the prompt Harry Potter, Neville Longbottom/Luna Lovegood, 'accidental garden manpain' this clever ficlet

For the prompt
a proposal from a third party’s point of view
this charming Luna/Draco (yes, I know!)

If I had a time turner there'd also be a post about TV, but I don't, so expect a lot of posting at some later date.
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[ profile] classics_lover wrote a funny fill for a prompt of mine at [ profile] comment_fic B99, Santiago's quite proud of her snappy comeback, which gave me a good cackle after logging on.

Nashville 3.13 I’m Lost Between Right and Wrong

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Six Seasons

Jul. 2nd, 2014 08:07 am
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(And A Movie?)

What unexpectedly good news about Community.

So, after I finish watching my season 4 Arrested Development DVDs, I'm definitely watching season 3 of Community.
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(or...I visited Den of Geek yesterday)

Orphan Black is coming back next week to BBC Three (this was almost the only thing I felt strongly about the news that BBC Three will soon be an online only show, I’m the tail-end of Gen X, too old for the channel). There’s no way it’ll be airing in double bills if it’s following so closely on the heels of the American airing, which I think is a good thing, as they packed so much into an episode that anything extra was too much of a good thing for me. (See, too old.)

That's the good news, the bad news is that The Bletchley Circle appears to have been cancelled. Ugh. To lift a quote from Twitter referenced in the article : "There are obviously already too many women geniuses being awesome on TV".

The Good Wife 5.13

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Utterly, utterly gripping.

POI 2.14 One percent

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Den of Geek has been so on point/relevant to my interests recently.

I know I've posted a lot of links to it before, but recently there's been In praise of Lord of the Rings' DVD extras, which, among other things, neatly gets at why I was so pleased to see Richard Taylor on An Unexpected Journey's appendices.

Furthermore, I agreed with Why the discussion of 12 Years a Slave needs to refocus, which I suppose is more directed at chattering entertainment media circles than film fans, but is a reminder that when I left the cinema after seeing that film I was overwhelmed and it's the film and what it depicts that's the point, not just awards, and that will be recognised for years.

There's also been its underappreciated films series (although I appreciated 2006's Stranger than Fiction plenty and I do not know how I could appreciate Sky High more. SARKY VOICE IN MY HEAD: Make costumes and re-enact it? COMMON SENSE:Not a good idea given the stunts) which has mainly pointed to Asian films that I barely knew existed.

I watched Brooklyn Nine-Nine again last night and was chuckling throughout, but don't have more to say about it. Next week, it'll slip to 'catch-up' or maybe '+1' territory, though, because THE GOOD WIFE IS BACK.
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The Three Sentence Ficathon continues, and I got a peach of a fill to the prompt POTC/Swallows and Amazons, Captains Barbossa and Nancy, a minor detail, by wingedflight21.

I've only written a couple of fills - partly due to me being really busy and tired - which are:

Sherlock (BBC), Greg Lestrade/Molly Hooper, unexpected attraction (78 words)

MCU, Bruce/Natasha, if I tried, you'd probably be/hard to find (95 words).

Digital spy has an article with Stephen Moffat discussing Sherlock’s Molly here - it devolves into a discussion of women on Sherlock and around Sherlock and Watson, with Elementary’s take on Watson the, er, wife in the attic and ends on a possibly spoilery note that I skimmed more than read. Apart from being very nice (rightly) about the actress – although surely they’d decided to bring her back for episode three while writing episode one and before they cast the part. I didn’t realise that Molly wasn’t based on anyone ACD wrote. The quotes obliquely talk about how female fans relate to her and how she expresses some of their reaction to Sherlock.

To come, at some point, a post about what I watched on telly last night and my response to the last batch of The Autobiography of Jane Eyre eps that I've watched.


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